Kiss My Bot

I am an athlete.


I don’t throw, pass, run, shoot, or hit.

I construct game plays out of calculus,

Train by soldering wires with blood, sweat, and tears,

Exercise by connecting metal frames.

I am an engineer

And I build robots to play for me.


NASC: National Association of Sports Commissions

FIRST: For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

Building a 5 foot tall, 120 pound robot in 6 weeks

Isn’t that different from a training regimen.

You might call us geeks

But FIRST is my first choice for a

One hundred percent chance

Of going pro.


I might not make 3-pointers

But I can slam dunk with college admissions.

I might not be world renowned but

In years I could write

“I MADE IT,” in Martian sand using a rover.


I am an athlete, and

You can






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