It is you, are the one

It is you, are the one


Out of all the things I love

I could talk about you the most


A year ago, you found me

Drenched in a shirt of tears


At the brink of losing hope


Now, a year later

The person I once was would have never thought you would



But I do not have to turn over the picture frames

Like I did my fathers,

Nor sigh in your absence

Because I can physically hold your arm in the palm of my hand


And yes I love my stuffed buffalo

That I got on a trip in the mountains

And yes I love that tee shirt, my favorite one

That I got for only six dollars



Those, my dear

Are possessions

And I love you more even though I know I do not

Own you

I love you

Even though I know that one day you could slip through my fingers


You make my face light up

As if you were a sunrise rolling over a cement porch


You make me happy,

Like nature

Because without your leaves

My tree branch veins would be empty

And without your roots

I could not breathe easily


You remind me of

Childhood memories

But I can’t think of any that you were not in

Even if I didn’t know you then

You were my underlying strength to keep moving forward

Even when I didn’t know why I should keep going


And I love our memories,

I smile when I see the photo booth picture of our faces scrunched together,

But I love the person right in front of me more


I am happier now, fighting with you

Than I will ever be



I am happier now, when you annoy me

Because at least

I can be


I could say

You make me happier than the stars

Or I love you to the moon and back

But that would be an understatement


No galaxy,

No universe,

Could fathom the amount


I will rewrite your name in the constellations

I will hear your laugh in my head

And cry lakes of joy

Knowing I want this forever


Because you,

My dear,

Have always been the one


It is you, the one

That will always be.










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