Those Octobers

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 11:14 -- Zmac


(Disclaimer- I am not 40 years old. I am writing this from what I believe my perspective will be 40 years from now)

It's been awhile

40 years to be exact

but of all my time and experience

one memory remains intact

the days of my prime

when I was sublime

my body was powerful 

unmarred by time

I was an athlete

feared by all

the other team quaked

when i carried the ball

my team was a band of brothers

though we came from different mothers

and me and football

were inseperable like two lovers

much time has passed

since those days long ago

and though I'm not wise

there is one thing I know

though I prayed

and wished upon 4-leaf clovers

Never in my life

was there a time like those Octobers


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