Tiny dots shimmering

randomally decorating the navy tinted night.

Full and round, the center of attention,

slightly hidden, momentarily, by rolling clumps of of cotton

bright in the dark sky.

Sand, still warm from the earlier heat, tinted gray

Soft and smooth,

and swallowed our feet with each curious step.


Eyes burning, and throats slightly thick,

from the smoke

that twisted and swirled from the glowing pit.

Ice cold salt water, that shocked our senses,

dark and calm.

Warm, thick blankets, to small for two people

but shared with four.


A large soda and bag of chips, tossed around, slightly contaminated with sand

mixed with burnt marshmellows.

The night was cold, and nipped at the skinned.

We cracked stupid jokes

and laughed untill we almost peed.


Covered in sand,

we enjoyed the night.

The way the soft rolling waves, gleamed lightly in the moon light

and played the best background music.

Sang our hearts out,

laughed, danced and fought

untill our eyes got heavy,

 so heavy we could barely hold them open,

and dragged ourselves home, heartbroken murmurimg how we weren't tired.

Wishing we could stay.


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