Some days the sun just doesn't come up

The green of the grass does not reach my eyes

The thoughts of my mind are occupied with worry

And nothing I can do will help me break free.

Sometimes the world just weighs down on you

even with the beginning of a new day.

But when I feel like I am locked up in chains

And the world makes me waste away

I turn and pray.

I say, Father, please give me a new day

I have all this junk on my mind, and I am feeling the pain

I need to leave all of this with you,

Father, please show me the way.

And then, the world, which had previously been gray,

turns green and blue, and all the colors it may.

The grass is green, the sky is blue,

and the sun beams down on me, with a warming grin.

How did I not feel these rays on my skin?

I plug in my Ipod, watching as the gray melts away

And smile, as I say "it's gonna be a great day."



Thanks to my Lord, who loves me so much! :)

Hope y'all enjoy it!

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