A Font For Fanfiction


School has started once again, and

Every student knows what that means:

Monotony, repetition, recitation.

But this above all (never forget):

Size12 Times New Roman Double-spaced.

The days are measured by cram sessions,

The weeks by quiz and test dates,

And so on and so forth (etcetera, etcetera).

However, once in a while,

There comes a special day.

This day is not marked by homework,

This day is not defined by lists of terms.

For some this day is special because they rest;

For others it is because they see family or friends;

For me it is because I get to write.

Not analyses, not essays, not theses;

But instead fanfiction.

Perhaps it seems strange-

I will not fault you for thinking so.

But when I write fanfiction, I am free.

I can weave tales of shapeshifting dragons,

Or recount the tale of a prince in 1863,

Or tell of an amnesiac mechanic in NYC

(All of which I have done).

As the words flow out of my fingertips

And onto the page, I notice:

I notice how I grow happier with each word,

I notice how my hunched shoulders straighten,

I notice how I feel genuine love for my readers.

So I continue writing

Although it may seem strange to others.

And I never use

Size 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced.



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