I Hope

I am a woman

but I feel more like an accessory to a mans world

the latest and freshest prey to catch


wait... no

I am a game, a toy, a prize something else to be checked off in your little black book

I walk in the streets to find myself being howled to

"oooh girl I just gotta have you!"

where is the line drawn?

when Im I finally going to be valued as someone that can not be replaced

when God made Eve

she was not taken from Adam's back

or chest

or foot

but his side she was his equal

she was his legacy

his motivator

and deadliest weapon

It was Eve that governed thier destiny of exile and punishment

Please do not forget that it is a women's decision to continue your leagacy

I hope you do not teach your daughter that the only prince she is ever going to find is on Disney Channel

because right now all hope is lost

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