Carolus Linnaeus

Classified nature

Genus and species became

Binomial nomenclature


As we walk through

Margaret Pace Park

We witness biodiversity

In it’s remarkable state of art


Coccoloba uvifera

Our native tree

Protecting our shores

Letting nature run free


Streptopelia decaoctos

In all their celestial glory

Coo softly up above

Telling their solemn story


Apis melliferas

Buzz in my ear

Pollinating flowers

Making honey every year


Colius philodice

Yellow like the sun

Perching on the live oaks

Having lots of fun


Anolis porcatus

An invader of our state

Flashes his dewlap

Searching for a mate


Zygoptera odonata

Delicate little dame

All her neon colors

Are her claim to fame


Nycticorax nycticorax

Its eyes like flashing rubies

Wearing a crown of night

Oozing ethereal  beauty


Sciurus carolinensis

Scurrying along the shore

Nibbling on a sea grape

Trying to look for more


Palm trees and concrete

Sitting on the bay

Diversity all around me

What a glorious day



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