That Certain Individual


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That Certain Individual

There is a certain individual,

One whose name I will not say,

But the mere thought of their existence,

Quickly brightens up one's day,

The thought of being with them,

When it has not happened in a while,

The silly rythym of their giggle,

The divine intervention of their smile,


I always find myself sending them a text,

or even considering writing them a letter,

Thanking them for all that they've done for me,

Namely how they have made better,

I am stronger because I know them,

They have made me sharper, smarter, and more clever,

This bond of beneficial nature,

I would shutter to see it severred.


I now sit smiling, crying even,

My emotions running higher,

But if I told you these tears were unnecessary,

I would surely be a liar,

Our frienship is pure, white as snow,

Like a schoolboy at the altar,

Let one fact be forevermore familiar,

Our friendship will never falter.


I think once again to the times we have shared,

All of the thing we have enjoyed together,

They have binded our bond to be all the stronger,

All the tighter, all the tougher, thick as leather,

I pray to God every aching instant of my life,

pleading for this bliss to never end,

Because that certain indivual,

Is my deepest love, and best friend.

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