To Live Life is to Travel


Traveling, to me, is the definition of fun
I like going in the fall, spring, winter and sun
Traveling allows a person to seek adventures to open their mind,
And learn about different cultures instead of just being blind.
Traveling is the ultimate inspiration, 
You can get lost from a tiny distraction.
However getting lost is not always a waste of time,
Sometimes it's what you need to take a breath and unwind.
Traveling allows a person to truly get to know themselves,
You can collect fun items to place on various bookshelves.
Travel can also be seen as a type of rebellion,
But that doesn't mean that all those people are hellions.
You learn to trust strangers,
As well as fill your suitcase with treasures.
You are promised to make great memories 
That you can't learn from watching documentaries 
It makes you love the unfamiliar,
And appreciate what remains similar.
It is important to travel, I must insist, 
It is important to do more than just exist. 


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