Free to Feel


I know a little girl who dreams of love
That messy imperfection everyone desires
She wants to find someone who will hold her hand and whisper sweet nothings in her ear while they lay side by side on a breezy summer day
She wants someone who would be willing to stay
Face the thick and thin from beginning to end 
A death do us part contract
She wants to be happy
But this little girl is trapped in an unloving state
Where she doesn't know what to do and fears solitude
Drowning in the loneliness that comes with being so different
Unable to escape her self made prison she is left to defend her heart without a sword or shield just words ...words often said out of anger and pain that simply push her further into her dark abyss
The darkness consumes her
Keeping her in while pushing people out and she tries to escape
Only to be pulled back down by her heavy heart
Her already broken wings wilting as she dreams of flying through wide open skies  next to someone she can call her soul mate, her best friend, her better half
 She knows that fate has other plans but she's determined to reach the gates and be what she's always wanted to be...happy
I know of a girl who dreams of being free
Free to finally feel...
Free to feel more than just fear, hatred, and rejection
Free to feel acceptance, respect, affection


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