Talking About My Generation

Mon, 10/06/2014 - 22:42 -- mmcrath

Let me get you old geezers hip to the jive

I want you to be in the know ya dig 

It's the new millineum jive turkeys 

So here's the skinny 

If someone says "You're bae" 

That means you're their baby, love, or main squeeze 

If your eyebrows are "on fleek" 

That means they look nice or are on point 

If someone says you're a THOT punch them in the eye 

Cause they called you "That Hoe Out There"

Are you ratchet?

Cause that's no good 

Don't get bapped 

What does that sound like?

But if you're turnt 

Then you're having a good time

So mos def keep this in mind when you rap 

Cause you don't wanna sound like an L 7 


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