A Dream


A delicate mist grazed my face wiping my mind free of perplexion and worry. The light pitter patter of liberated throngs of teardrops diving down into the shallow blue abyss below clouded my ears. Dark grey flattened spheres established the path that the gathered drops flowed so gently over. Smooth and cool to the touch, they soothed the soul, and exude serenity and placidity. Long and thick brown stalks jutted from the green fibrous carpet, standing tall, way over my head. Rough, yet intricate lines laid on the surface, but further up smaller stalks poked out from the sides with thin emerald blades protruding from the tips. Promenading through the moist current, the moon parted the plethora of emerald foliage hovering above me, revealing its beautiful aurora. Light pouring off the enchanting orb kissed my skin leaving me mesmerized in the magical exterior around me.


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