Photography in Paris

I wake to photography,

I love the outdoors, the scenery,

The nature located only two feet away...

But when I open the door, I don't find myself at home,

I find myself in a place I could only ever dream of,

A place described through it's name,


I find my camera by the Eiffel tower,

I hear it calling me to capture the moment,

The sounds, smells, and the view,

Paris, a place I could only ever dream of,

Found located only two feet away,

I walk through the city,

Making sure to memorize every step,

I see a cafe, with all the deserts one could imagine,

I see the statues and buildings unknown to my eyesight,

I see a man propose to his new fiance,

I saw everything I could have ever wanted to see,

With a click of my camera, it all disappeared,

I wish I could go back, but I know I don't need to,

For all the things I saw were saved,

They were saved in my camera,

The cafe, the architecture, the couple,

All of the city,

A place I will never forget,



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