He Is Bliss

Tue, 10/14/2014 - 23:28 -- judis97


He Is Bliss



He watches me dance
With hazel eyes flecked with mystery; each dot a god's secret thought
I wish I had the chance
To take back every time that we fought
For he should not go a day
When we are apart
Without hearing me say
He is the breath in my lungs and every beat of my heart 
Wrapped up in his presence, I am numb to the passage of time 
I wouldn't trade 
His warm callused hand in mine 
Or dreaming of tomorrow while lying in the shade 
I wouldn't give up easily 
All the times he vowed 
That he'd always always be with me 
He loves to look at the clouds
He tells me all that he hopes for us as he point to the sky 
As if they hold the key to a child's bliss
We are just kids, he and I 
But when we kiss 
I see that I have known him for centuries 
In every life we must have been together 
For I have known him forever


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