I Am Proud To Say


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United States
32° 35' 30.2028" N, 93° 50' 42.6228" W

I am proud to say

I have survived through yet another day.

The war in my household didn’t stop me,

The hardships at school didn’t block thee.

The sun is shining bright upon my skin;

Looking up, I smile for real and not for pretend.

A job of my own that satisfies the bills;

A long life ahead that brings many thrills.


I am proud to say

I am no longer lost and found my way.

A place where I belong, is what I always wanted;

The dark days are gone, so I am no longer haunted.

I’ve gotten through the highs and the lows of life;

I’ve gotten through the struggles that cut me like a knife.


I am proud to admit

That I have conquered my battle.

I came out on top without my spirit being too rattled.

The war is over and I am now as solid as a rock

It was only a matter of time until the good days showed up on my clock.

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