True Treasure Discovered

Family is like a golen treasure,

You know you'll have them forever.

It is your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister,

Or even your friend with that nasty blister.


Family doesn't mean you're related.

It just means that with them, you made it.

Uncles, Cousins, nieces, nephews, and Aunts:

They are ones that can make you dance.



They can make you laugh. They can make you cry,

But you won't know the exact reason why.

Family can be as far as the desert, or as close as the sun.

Either way, when family is together, there's loads of fun.

Discover the true treasure.






With Halloween arriving shortly, there can be some gloom and scare in the air. When depression sets in, I think about my family, and how much I have been blessed. They are the ones that make me laugh and can cheer me up. They are my true treasure that will always be with me.

#2014 #twistandshoutslam

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