It’s hard.

Hard to wake up every morning with someone frowning upon every move you make.

It’s even harder when you have no one believing in you.

You wake up, look in the mirror and say the same thing, “Today will be different”.

At least that’s what you hope for, You hope that for once that boy will notice you smile at him.

Or maybe that coach will finally put you in and say “You, you’re the one I need,”.


Hope is something that never leaves or fades, it stay with you embedded into your mind

it’s what keeps you going.

All the naysayers are silenced when hope comes in, almost as if a gold light radiates off of it.

It’s the one thing no one can take.

It’s everyone’s last chance at being something or making themselves into something.

America was built on the hope of people wanting a change in their government, we teach our young children that all you need is hope.

So if anything keeps me going, its hope. Hope that one day my mom will realize how well she raised me, hope that I will graduate high school and make something of myself.

All I need is hope.

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