No longer a single existing body

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 00:39 -- cval


The world was once dark for me,

and i had not yet met the light.

i waited and waited for change, 

but passed it everytime.

You appeared and looked at me as if i was everything good in the world combined,

but i saw nothing.

You were that change, 

but i saw nothing.

Now i never leave you, 

and you are always with me.

In the mirror i see myself, 

but i feel much more than one. 

I am no longer a single existing body. 

You are what gives me hope, 

and i feel guilty because i did not treasure you before.

Regardless you say you love me, 

and it makes me feel like i am falling, 

falling faster and faster, 

and it feels like an adrenaline rush, 

and then i reach out to touch your face.

You are so good, 

so perfect, 

i don't know if you are real.

W\hat you say is so good,

so perfect.

When i look at you i see blood rushing through your veins, 

and it makes me realize that you are alive.

You are alive and your thoughts are entirely composed of me. 

This is when i know that you have brought everything good to me. 

You were once nothihg, 

but now you are everything. 

You are in every part of me.

 i am no longer a single existing body.



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