My Family 2013


As 2013 is almost a memory

  I am hopeful for what next year brings

Tis also the season for reflection

  Of our family, friends and blessings

A busy year for me, Brianna

  Began my junior year in Fall

Busy with Band, friends and family

  And clearly enjoying it all

Academically still learning the ropes

  I am really enjoying high school

The dances, band and of course "the boys"

  But I carry a very heavy academic load

All of my homework does annoy!

  I continue to play club soccer

Recruited up to the 16 year old team

  A 5 foot 7 goalkeeper

Tough and aggressive her opponents only see

  When I am not playing soccer

A beautiful young lady I turned out to be

  Also, silly, sweet and compassionate

Clothes and shoe shopping my new hobby

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