Manly happiness


It's clear life's circumstances get hairy,

Once in a while we're not quite so merry.

But when that seems to happen, I get my toes tappin',

To Freddie King, SRV, and Chuck Berry.


The music of the baby boom

When teenage love was in full bloom

Reminds me of a time When the world seemed just fine,

And the kids had the Summertime Blues.


Occasionally, music don't work;

Sometimes Rock & Roll brings no smirk.

In times like those, my amp's on switch I throws;

I plug in and just go berserk


The bending of strings, playing faster;

Biting tones come from my Stratocaster.

The euphoric feeling when bent notes are squealing

While I try to mimic the masters.


But when after all this I'm still mopey

And think everyone's full of boloney

When I get to wishin' I was a real musician,

I turn to My Little Pony.


I don't have to give up my man card

For a show that many disregard

This show thought for children (for little girls, even!)

Is sweet relief when times become hard.


Sometimes I have a bit of doubt

That we can all work it on out

But all the above give my heartaches a shove

And leave me to just Twist and Shout.


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