Toast with Some Butter

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 21:05 -- Shrewd

-Dii! Dii! Dii!


As I woke up to the sound of the an alarm clock,

I didn't know how my day would start.

Walked out of the door, with

Sleepless eyes looking at the bathroom's light.

Took a shower, brushed my teeth, and shaved.

Getting ready to pave my way.


I walked downstairs and saw the room

Windows open, catching the bright shine

Of an early morning sunrise

Then in a flash, I got the grand idea

To make myself some breakfast before

Heading off to school.


Put two slices of toast in the toaster,

Poured a tall glass of OJ and made

A few eggs crack.

In a black pan, sizzling around

Thinking of yesterday

The good and the bad

Of what I know and what I still need to know.


Minutes later, the toast shot up

Slightly burnt on the edges.

And as I spread the butter in a vertical line,

I realized today is a new day, a new start

Whatever happened is in the past

Time to move forward

Make things better than before

On that day, I had a great breakfast.


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