Twenty Fifteen


My favorite season it has been crowned;

Shooting hoops at the park with the warm sun overhead,

But the last days of summer have come around,

And as my incredibly wise father once said,

If you barrel through life at the speed of sound,

It'll take less time for you to wind up dead.


So here approaches another school year;

Very strangely though, i don't feel sad,

Complaining from me is what you'd expect to hear,

But my mindset has changed, I'm actually kind of glad

Now I'm a senior and i have nothing to fear

And I'm so close to becoming a high school grad.


There are many things i love about this place:

The note-filled notebooks and every all-nighter,

The laughs at the lunch table and the daydreaming into space,

And when i get an A on a test that was a real nail-biter,

The feeling of my girlfriend's warm embrace,

And my future couldn't be any brighter.

Thank God that i have two legs and two arms

And thank God that I'm so freaking smart,

And i love my wittiness and outgoing charms,

And i love the sports in which i take part,

 I even love the sounds of my morning alarms, 

And the laughs we have if someone in class should fart.


But it seems I'm approaching the end of the line,

My friends, may us one day recovene.

Thrust into the real world, I know I'll shine

From college to career and everything in between,

I couldn't be more excited, I'm on cloud nine,

High school graduate, class of twenty fifteen.






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