Our beautiful concept.

The set-up of the room was none worthy of merit but the concept

Was one untouchable by any cosmic theory or scientific conjecture.

We hardly knew each other, yet there we were

Standing in her living room about to partake in something that would change both of our lives.

With our bare feet on the chilled floor and an endtable in between us

loaded with chicken salad and mini croissants,

We were ready.

The sound played out of the speakers and our bare feet began to move

In accordance to the instructions provided by the video.


We laughed hysterically as we twirled around and swung our arms about in confusion.

Giving ourselves way too much credit, we decided to put on one

Of Richard Simmon's more advanced videos.

Richard expected us to know how to perform the "Grapevine" at that level,

And our response was consuming a mini croissant slathered in chicken salad.

The brilliant concept of ours wasn't baphoonery,

Although the sight of two girls in pj's performing Richard Simmons while simultaneously

Pigging out on chicken salad can be classified as such.

What we took part in was a limitless bond.

That girl giggling and bumping into me made me feel

Immense joy.

Whatever we did and whatever we continue to do is our concept:

Finding that one person who turns your world upside,

Then, taking that one person by the hand,

Waddling like a penguin across the ceiling like there is nothing that can stop you.

Our beautiful concept.







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