Blessed Unlike The Rest


I have a dream that keeps me arise

A story is told by the look of my eyes

The paths unseen by many of you

Have seen my footsteps one after two


I wake to see my brothers surround

The gridiron field which I am bound

A game that is more than a game in itself

Gives feeling of gold, warmth and wealth


Two years left till I endeavor alone

On the journey of life all on my own

The clock is set to make her proud

The mom who has taught never be cowed


Hunger is plundered deep in my soul

Name in the lights has remained the goal

I swear to prosper and rise to the top

The rain drops are falling and I am the crop


Every day is a blessing to live a life

That is filled with moments that feel so right

Never has anything been given at hand

I have tasted the dirt and lived in the sand


But never have I ever stayed down that’s key

Risen and soured like the waves of the sea

For every breathe taken I shall grow like a tree

I promise that one day you will all know me.


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