The Memories of Trials


I remember when 

the shots filled up the night.

Now looking in your eyes

it was like the fading light.


The snow was cold,

yet we trudged on. 

Death came to claim the old,

for some went up and gone.


Of hunger and terror we lived.

Of pain, sorrow and fear.

My dear father,

I wish you were here.


One can hardly forget

what they did to you.

The snap of the whip still rings in my ears which were long put down against us dears.


The pungent smell of burning flesh,

is deep stained into my senses.

The sight of burning infants lurk within all ditches. 


Oh father, why did you go?

The miles of suffering we underwent 

only to lose you when the salvation came.

Your life needn't be spent.


Why did this happen to us?

Father, I wish to see you again! 

I want to recall your smile,

without death's broad grin.


Even though I am in despair,

I must remember one thing.

You are no longer suffering,

on that, I draw a feeling of counseling.    





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