Rainbow cookies

Lift that shit up! 

Pull that motherfucker, 

Push it, dont be a pussy! 

I love exercise, weight lifting, running, singing (even though i sound bad)

watching movies, girls, eating delicious foods like desserts 

rainbow cookies, ice cream, twinkies, swiss rolls haha 

going out to enjoy the weather at parks, beaches, out of state, getting lost with nature 

bike riding through piers and boardwalks, taking myself to untouched territory.  

Taking my younger cousins out to enjoy new horizons they've never seen, ate, felt, experienced before.

Enjoying company with my close buds at raves, clubs, bars, house parties. 

Getting in touch physically with the beauty of women,

the pleasure they give me, their eyes and smiles that show joy and hapiness because of you (me). 

Traveling to experience life out of your comfort zone, like out of the state, cross country, out of the country. Getting to learn other people, their language, interests and lifestyle from those outside locations .... and building connections, friendships, memories and possibly relationships with them.



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