I found the half of the moon behind a street lamp in Wisconsin

In the midst of an old industrial town


I couldn’t help but ask


How’d you get here...?

You of Brooklyn’s trenches

Oh fish out of water

Tell me how you’ve squirmed through Sharks Jaws

Tell me of the wind that is caught under you fins.

What propels you through troubled waters?

Which gasoline caught in your gills drives you to southern Florida

Broken like branches

Separated like sides

Winged like the cardinal of the north

Sing me the song which birds sing when trapped in cages

When neutered of a voice

When silenced like bullets

When punctured like lungs

Tell me

Of breath

Of beaches

Show me

Oh native of struggle

Show me the smoke signals trapped beneath your vocal chords

Because I bet that you plead to gods with

Your fingers crossed

Like you had more confidence in your inhibition

You’re dark like knees of prayer


 Like your need for prayer

Because somehow you’ve managed to find yourself

In the east side

Of downtown Milwaukee

Finding extraterrestrial

Abiotic forms

Behind inanimate objects

As if there wasn’t enough life on earth for you to be concerned with

As if there wasn’t a girl in North Miami

Swallowing hurricanes because she’s scared to hear herself cry and

You’ve been the only one able enough to hush the storm

But you’re too busy trying to show her how much she’s inspires you.

You’re too busy trying to show her

That in the midst of losing her hair

And dropping a few pounds you still find the need to tell her

That she is sexy.

You find the need to tell he that you’re love for her exist like symbiotic life forms

Like you couldn’t survive without knowing that somewhere in the world

She’s looking at the moon

The same one in downtown Milwaukee

As in North Miami

As Central Brooklyn

Knowing with no evidence that you exist somewhere

For her

So vie taking this moment to find the moon in pieces

Behind an attempted illumination on a Wisconsin night

To remind myself that vie made it here with Love.



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