My Happiness Comes From...

Wed, 10/29/2014 - 14:28 -- sapicou


United States
31° 35' 19.9356" N, 110° 12' 42.2532" W
United States
31° 35' 19.9356" N, 110° 12' 42.2532" W

The feeling of a cool, salty breeze on my face

While warm sand brushes over my feet and through my toes

As the soothing sound of waves crash on the shore



Having music blast in my room

Dancing to every beat of every song by One Direction

Looking foolish with bad dance moves and whatever I pick up first to use as a microphone



Sitting down and watching big hair and dance numbers on the television screen

As I wish I was a part of the excitement of an 80s high school

Way back when booties and hand gloves were fashion staples



Watching a man swing from buildings using webs

Or the sound and sight of thunder and lightning called down by a man with a hammer

As they fight crime with America’s Soldier, a handsome symbol dressed in red, white, and blue



Looking forward to each evening to see how the sun decides to set

Orange, yellow, red, maybe purple

Big and Bold or Simple and Sweet, who knows?           



Laughing with family and friends

Surrounded by a plethora of food or presents

Everyone together and cherishing the moment



Relaxing as a I freely admire

The exciting and anticipating thought

Of being around those I love



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