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A World of Silence, Music a Quiet Cadence, A Light, so Bright, Shines, Our Hearts a symphony entwines, Melodies in Life's Balance.
I finally had a moment 2 catch up on take'n the time 2 really read, fully Your Words of encouragement. And ūü§ć. And strength. And belong'n. I would always peek @ Your message 2 tickle Me thru hard moments.
The night is chasing the sun. It's always like this at home, the deep sky getting darker the further you tilt your head up. It's nearly black up there, at the top. (The top? The middle? The end?
" MOON LIGHT" ūü•Äūü•Ä We living as stars . ‚ú® But only we don't fall, all night ball, like stars ‚ú® we own all night under the moon ūüéĎ light, charging my Star light. I wanna shine bright .
With you, in you, beside you, behind you, in front of you. All around you.
Specks of dust in light Like falling stars, Comforting on the worst of nights. In the headlights of oncoming cars, Or the dull streetlamp glow. Moths tremble soft wings,
Assertive assuming actions dripping droplets of judgment and discord upon another existential existence for the very, personalized experience that had brought them to resistance in traditional constituents...well that my friend is a flaw most wear
To me you're the sun,And you're right that it's fun,Now in exactly the way that you'd think.Like stretching out just right,In a puddle of light,With a snack, a book, and a drink.
This could be the darkest poem I will ever write So I will make it a short one So now it could be the darkest short poem I will ever write And maybe it already is so let’s start with the light
My mind is a Kaleidoscope of memories that I wish I could burn But some moments are fireproof And maybe it helps to see the world through rainbow glasses Or maybe it’s a curse And maybe I loved you
Blackened wood with scratches from a pen.The tip tore through paper and bled.The drip of hot wax, signed and sealed.A flame burns below dried flowers.It reaches up to burn the petals.Just out of reach, the flame dies out.A breeze from the open win
I wish to go to the valley of white stones overturn a few with the tip of my shoe browse the sandy shores bordered by sandy sea Endless light bent over expansive quiet This land of sand and stone, of silent reverie
She smiles at the sun Taking in its rays with joy She rejoices in its light Dances in its presence  And admires its everlasting beauty 
My path home is dangerous and unclear, A sense of peril within me feels like an end, Surely there must be more than this, Violently, forcefully, I battle forward, I am keenly aware of a distant light,
your flickering touch and cooling brush   the sighing hush and splendid lush.   such delightful sights you many celestial lights
*BELIEVING* _Stick unto God and believe in yourself. *It'd be bright after the dark.* There most be a black *time dark starry night before an open heaven* of a brighter sunny day._
Laser focused burns and cuts. Stars mere reflections admired from afar. Sunbeam glow warms, exposing motes. Cold souls take comfort, then bare their own flame.
Driven by the moon Though I'm sustained by the sun I find some refuge in believing God will hold me when I'm done
Can't see. Can't breathe. Drowning... Wait- To reach out. Is it hopeless? All is lost. I deny this. I have not failed. Take Their hand. Go to the Light. Accept Them.
Let's cleanse our inner self from cobwebs of greed n envy Let's decorate our persona with modesty n generosity Let's make rangoli of care, empathy n kindness Let's outshine the darkness of suffering n oppression
Most of the time, I live in the light.
how can a nightmare be so bright of a world filled with darkness of the bright, its shining light that leaves people with badness   the dark meets the light in eternal scilence
What could this all be about? You creep into almost all of my dreams.  I just thought that I forgot about you again, or so it seems.  I honestly haven't seen you in years.  However, forgetting you never comes near.
The pain and the fear are ghosts,  spectres,  a fabrication of reality.  In a moment they will appear and then vanish and I will be left wondering why I followed them into the dark. 
The pain and the fear are ghosts,  spectres,  a fabrication of reality.  In a moment they will appear and then vanish and I will be left wondering why I followed them into the dark. 
Learning that there is beauty in patience.  The in the meantimes and in between times are purely important. Its almost as if the struggle that you are ednduring is molding you into a beautiful white butterfly. 
i am not afraid of the burns they are merely proof that i lived
Don't be naive bro Peace only comes through salvation Everything else is a delusion.   Your task masters have only one mission - to steal, kill and destroy.
Why is it we feel the need to write about love? Myself especially. Look around you at the world. Look at the pain. Look at the suffering. Look in the places you never thought to look,
When you’re living in a world of darkness Like the night with no moon or stars Feeling like the sun will never rise again  Look towards east
I'm awful sure i never liked that damned book;  i always rushed through chapters so i could read anything else  before the bell rang. But when I open the windows nowadays 
The black clouds are rolling in The lightning cracks like a whip As the thunder roars with the pride of a lion The sky's blue slate is wiped clean by the darkest grays And shadows begin to cover the streets
The sun came out for a moment today and, while I am fully aware that November has hardly begun, I couldn’t help but picture ice dripping on a late-April afternoon.
Shadows sorround me Nights never go and never ends Deep waters drowned my hope And the glittering lights are all gone Lights of happiness come now Glimpse your hope to me abound
I see it licking its lips. Glowing red eyes in the woods staring at a calf; a small growl came;the wind  is howling. I stroll to see Goldie. 
You were my sunshine and i used to be your moon, My revolution was around earth yet glowed only for you. An elliptical love circle, that never meant to end soon, As I have belief in our love's photon stew.
Light warms you in winter, And in summer it makes you say no more. It snares you by its polish. Scarcely sometimes welcoming, But mostly sham and dull.   I asked it, "What so special?
Learned the word humble long after the meaning was lost. Just another product of tax payer exhaustion. It hurts when referred to as perfect by the person that hurt you the most. But ima keep it humble
Learned the word humble long after the meaning was lost. Just another product of tax payer exhaustion. It hurts when referred to as perfect by the person that hurt you the most. But ima keep it humble
You hold an entire galaxyWithin your eyes.Shooting stars becoming tearsThat run down your face.  
The morning's dawn is rising Upon the gray-blue sea That seems to be a shadow To the eyes of you and me But slowly the sun overcomes the horizon And the brightness starts to grow
the room is empty; the wind, stopped. the room is quiet; the world, silent. the room is dark, the light has left. the room is cold, the warmth decided to leave.
Darkness looms for miles Been down this road for awhile Walking with a single phone flashlight All that surrounds belongs to the night No light to guide my way Feeling lonely, walking astray
staring out into a glitttering night shimmering by the lights of the city i begin to think i think each light is a life a life that God loves and wants to be touched
Light is ever callingReaching into the dark places   It pursues me when I’m falling   And it has taken the form of faces   Some I know, some not
Light is ever calling  Reaching into the dark places   It pursues me when I’m falling   And it has taken the form of faces  
I sit on my front porch in the lemon-lightAnd watch the cyclist, with neat-skimming hair and a self-propelled wind,Zip by in a saturated streak.   The world is different, though nothing has changed.
A night with a shining moon Surrounded by stars all around When there was silence and everyone was sleeping No noise or any kind of whispering Suddenly a voice, I heard I was astonished and totally feared
This is a story of trial and strife The silent killer and the bloody knife But this story is not all that is seems No, you must look deeper into what it truly means.   The darkness within that consumes a soul
Coleceanth  Have you seen the rain at night Lumined down by city light? It pounds upon the asphalt here Makes fountains clear as crystal tear.
Imagine us Under the moon We ignore its beauty Artemis gives light   In our days of old Respect was common The moon is our companion Not just a figure, but a friend  
Some days I feel like a burning candleLong forgotten and wearing thinUntil finally I run outUntil finally I drown myselfUntil finally my light goes outAnd it’s all my fault
Digger sleeps in comfy chair. Mom is still at work. Street light shines through the window.
While I have always sought affection amongts the secrets of the night,  Sharing kinship with the shadows,  Relishing fromt the solitary seduction of it,   I cannot ignore the Sun.  
It’s time to watch the fireworks As they fill the sky with light these small controlled explosions That seem to split the night   They remind me of my childhood and of patriotic dreams
Have you ever starred in wonder At my favorite of sights A treat that’s only possible On dark and stormy nights   When the light behind a leafless tree Seems to set the wood a glow
To him these are strange and darker times of anew, akin to the rare viewpoints there can be found a few, whom understand the complexities of humans and emotions, but for some these are hard to handle, it’s a vast ocean,
Lines of green and purple When you’re so used to Seeing light But now in the dark  
3:46 a.m.  on a post-rain Kansas Monday.  I try to wash away  the sleepiness from my insomnia laden eyes, pick a fresh sheet of paper spread clean it almost sheens,
The sun comes down through the dark clouds The lights go out on a melancoly hill The dark comes when the light is out of bounds The light decays in my hands like a disolving pill Light doesn't last a day or two
Day in, day out What is it all about? I can’t deny This change I’ve taken Maybe I’ll be different.   I’ve walked through Depression I’ve walked through Anger I’ve fought my battles
Trunks thin and the grass fluffy. The sun shimmered. In the fantasy. of love and growth. But, the darkness-- The light killed it. So darkness died away. The light won. So the forest grow.
The world is at its end, A primal war has begun. Mother Nature’s children are fighting To see who’s the strongest one. Who will win this war?
Through the sky Death shall rise, On rotten wings will he fly. With the stench of torture on his clothes, He sends Fear into all his foes.
there is no emptier crescent of feeling than wandering through unfeeling, unending crowds,  more alone than you ever have felt  in your lifetime.
i want to write a poem about you but its nearly midnight and im so tired i can feel the bags under my eyes building every single time i blink  
there's only lightthat shines inside
A work of art is what you are Galileo would look at you and say "you're a star"   I see your body and see the lines and see your curves and remember the times
Somethings different about the way you wake up in the morning  A deep breath and a smile as you roll out of bed  Still groggy, but doing your daily steps regardless There's something odd about the way you walk
It can be found shining through your window in the morning Or through the leaves on the trees at sunset You can find it in a reflection on the water Or in the direction the sunflowers grow
I can not live without the moon. I can survive, yes, but am unable live. When the moonlight is gone, the night skies turn bleak. The forces that banish it I will never forgive.
Reach the sky, trust the sun  and crave its kindness. Rely on the orchestra of rain to quench your thirst. Depend on the lavish ground to stand tall.   When Winter dethrones warmth,
There’s always been a darkness A never-ending pain A pit of infinite loneliness A hole within my chest. I’d tried so hard to be rid of it
From the narrowest sliver of space Caught between roof and tree The moon is shining brightly Through my window to me, So bright, so fair, so proud it shines For the briefest glimpse of time
Life without air is a life without life, dieing in despair is dieing without light, don't stare at the darkest to long it will hurt your eyes when the lights turn on,
I slept and I slept, and I slept Sinking to an insurmountable depth Couldn’t revive or arrive for a breath Where am I, who of me is left?   This tailspin, burnout, whatever you call it
I’ve been in love twice, One was dark The other light. Both had their qualities, I loved them for different reasons. The dark one was like me,
Through the darkness There shall always be light While through the joy There shall always be fright But through the pain There is nothing but might
I was in love once, And a painful ordeal it was. I tried so hard to be the perfect one, To be the one that she wanted. I didn’t realize then,
    Twinkling in the corner of my eyes  Shining past leaves of the trees I pass by She warms me    Revealing the blinds she is always there  Smiling compassionately with such empathy   
It had dark blue eyes like the night sky Who would of thought it would cry  It wonder down the street as it beg for help Darkness followed it through the air One day hoping it sees the light 
Will you wait for me?   As I stand on the edge of sand With water caressing between my toes  Back and forth, back and forth   There is a lull in the wind  Everything stops,
Pay attention to the sunlight, the sunlight is the most warm, visible radiation of all. Down, down into the darkness it goes- the hot, the tender, the close.  
This little light in me Lost between the forgotten colours Stuck in the never ending waters Drowned with the words in the wind Cries with rays and lightining and swords This little light in me
For what’s darkness, But a contrast to light? The only reason light can exist Is because there is darkness for it to illuminate. Light heals,
Lagoon. Clear like glass cup Uncovered by sunlight. No greenhouse gases are emitted. Lagoon.
its always been you you've been there all along the perfect harmony to my everlasting song you took my breath away you made me proud of who i am today you helped me to see who i really am
And when I look at you. I see a thought. The supreme conviction that in spite of ourselves. We are the light that gives unselfishly to ourselves. The pieces we constantly give to each other,
The sun can not be compared to the light shining from your eyes, the sweet honey from your voice. Oh, how the birds enjoyed your singing.   Hands, ever so crafting refuge, a mighty ark,
there’s a darkness that dwells under the sheets that i sleep in, filling the void with an emptiness. it reeks of burning ice and rotten dreams and some nights it threatens to suffocate me.  
One last entry before the night comes to an end, One more thought before the sheep comes- Slowly one by one, A puffy little cloud strutting aimlessly Above an unsurfaced ground. One last note to play-
A hopeless romantic, a hopeless dream That’s what is real, and it’s all it will be. To crush false hope at the source of its seam.
You brought me into this world Instilled your hope, genes, and dreams into my soul Mom, Through these 20 years I've had many fears You've wiped away so many tears My heart is full
Light, sunshine within me. Luminous and free, This is what I aim to be   A concept so sweet, A mindset so lovely, I strive to embody light throughout all of my body.  
“You are the thunder that echoed through the night; died off in the distance and stayed out of sight.   Every day an endless nightmare; every night a dying dream.   A sleepless heart,
I fight the darkness of the heart The hidden and dangerous part Closed with a bolt, local and key The secret of forgotten past left to be Lost, there is no way I see out, Deepening darkness creates my doubt
You learn from your most frightening experiences The ones that break your soul The experiences that steal your mind and light The experiences that change your outlook on the world
Once the light has been revealed to you it is inescapable you open your eyes and there it is filing into you but you still blink
Yes, the color of my skin is a few shades lighter than the typical "black girl" No, I do not consider myself  'lightskin' Contrary to what half of the population believes the color of my skin is not an explination for my behavior
How am I supposed to see the light, When I am encompassed by an ever growing cloud of darkness? I have no power, I have no might  Come along on my journey, be my witness  
Between the lines I see light But any type of light it's the kind of light That you would want to touch That you can imagine what it would be like to be in that area
golden girl you are more   your skin smoother than the finest belgian chocolate it glows like
Words They drip from my fingers like sap from a broken tree I think them and they pour, especially in high weather The weather that comes from tumultuous times.
ze s'letia qaelu nav ai 'maecra' vintavte'm viir nul dils e' zeano un iirunnul 'maecra' reihia raehiaene raisu rau'r
Hanging from the edge of the world A grip on this reality waning A river in flight and a flowing sky   An upside down My celestial home
i am the stars. i am not the moon. i am not the sun. i am not the brightest thing in the sky
What if life were a glowing light that shown through death and cut the night? Where then would it go if I were to die would it flicker out or maybe hide?  
Dear Anxiety, Not a day goes by where I am without you Not a day goes by where I like you From holding me back To making me cry From filling my head with negatvity To making me freeze
To my First,   I remember the day that I witnessed your impressionable smile and sparkling eyes. I remember the tiny flutter of my heart, that feeling that you were going to mean something to me.
To you, the struggling rainbow after each dark storm. To you, my gorgeous warrior, my faithful sun. Do not stop fighting, but if you must, do not let yourself be silenced.
Arielle, you were light you were gone before we saw this when you left it was dark I couldn’t see  who could replace such a beautiful thing   nobody  so it stays dark, like the darkness right after the sun sets  i pretend like it’
Dear, Annie Every morning another dark day, until you. Every day grey and blank, until you. Every time the outside looks brighter. Every look makes me shutter. You are everything to me.
    The little candle burns its wick,With fiery whisper drops a drip,A passion only seen from near,A slowly shrinking, darting tip.
Dear Ex Best Friend, I stand upon the shore of roaring sea Attempting to see all that I have lost. I dream what might have been and still might be.
I am a beacon of light, Through my vains and heart, We're no longer apart. Stars shine bright, Take me in flight, Let me burn bright.
There is history in light. A
 story written on everything
 it touches; perhaps I want to feel it and let my body yearn to remember you in the morning 
like a sunburn.  
Dear Amy, It’s Dave, your Big Brother, Happy Birthday! How old would you be turning today? 8, that’s right! Your growing up so fast! Well, I finished my first semester of High School! And guess what?
we are more. more than you remember. we were fire. maybe I was just the lighter maybe you were all the trees burning off us maybe you saw me as the candle,
To the little fire inside,   Hello Dear Friend. It’s me again. I thought I would write to thank you  
To My Dark Side,
A celestial light Shined bright Like a light beam In an ethereal dream A dream of spectrums Of ideal perfections
Tasted now, a love so pureSugar sweet, a cyder richA love by no other name,Which can be called thisIt's warmth embraces, even the distantA flame, a light, burning deepThe darkest of hearts can not escape
I thought the sunset was beautiful, Until I thought about you.. Then I remembered the darkness that comes with a setting sun. It makes sense to me now though,
The stars in his eyes  Sparkle like the midday sun Always guiding me   He supports my dreams Letting me live through white stars And the steam of my coffee   He compliments me
Whenever you're down, my best friend, When you feel as though the world is against you, I'll be right there next to you. And when you feel as though nothing matters, Or that your burdens are too heavy,
no light at the end to guide you even though I'm pointing the way you will ignore me, won't you because you think I speak lies but I wouldn't lie to you I couldn't because you're too deep
We are all cardinals in the night,  standing bloodred against the shadows as we strive to hide.    Our feathers conceal tears  which have sprung from our veins.    Soar to the sky. 
Because I love you,  I love the smell of rain. Because I love you,  I love the sound of trains. Because I love you,  I learned to love myself more.  Because I love you, My world knows no war. 
Mother, she is light. She bounces off tin-foil lakes, soothing tides. She warms the back of my eyes every dawn. She is a sunspot amongst freckles and stars. She lets me look on beauty.
The universe doesn't care about us. We are nothing but specs of dirt on it's cosmic shoe. So we sit, we wait, we hold on for a day the universe decides to be kind. But what if we didn't have to?
Dear future husband,
I was sitting in the middle of the nightExactly at the roof of our houseTrying to find stars That can serve as the lightThe light in the middle of the darknessIn the middle of the night without any light
My girl is like a starry night. But without the bleakness. And only the stars. Sometimes there are clouds, But they are clouds of anxiety That cover up the light and glints Of fiery spikes of planets.
We cannot mix God and the world Light and darkness Nor the flesh and Spirit It is ridicules God would spit you and me
Where am I going? Where have I been? Where am I headed? Where have I stayed? Where have I grown? Where have I diminished?
In the coldest Winter you were the coat that kept me warm Made from many patches all my favorite colours   I trust you like the fire treading through snow storms With your embrace comes wisdom
I have ben in the slums of life, up to my knees in the murkey waters of rejection I have been knocked down, forced onto m knees by life and yet, I still rise   I do not rise for the glorifiction of myself
As the paint-soaked brush lightly glossed the enamel of my nails, I felt the cool purple color brighten up my mood. Until, my mother said, “You’re painting your nails pink?!
It may not always be easy, it may not always seem right but the path to higher consciousness is always in plain view, in clear sight It is of course the path less traveled by,
I am unstoppable, limitless, unbeatable...ME I can do what I want, and I want to be...ME Everything inspires me, nothing ever tires me I am constantly discovering the new that I am, have become, am about to be
Cold, wet, dark.Everything i wish was not.There’s no warmth, no other lifeWhat was left was only rotThe sun does not shine,No smiles of mine.In this place so dim and drearyI find myself so wearyYet no cure shall ever cure meNo light will ever find
Just came up from school When I pick my assignments Out from my bag To get things started.   The darkness strikes So I had gone turning on the lights. But I was shocked
The Darkness of Night By Ryan G.     Darkness had fallen, dressed in black The army stood, no light
This past year of late, I changed, as one would say- But untraceable to the outside world, Only I know the change.
All people walking this Mother Earth.Did you know you have eternal worth?That you hold within a true radiant light.Did you know it is a spiritual guide?Did you know there's more to life than to work and die?That you came to earth to live a greater
Upon a time it first was bornFrom a wedding reception box with wrapping tornLetting light fall upon the newlyweds' giftSoon began to move the infant child's fists A red, roman numeral clock
I couldn’t tell you what I thought at the beginning of this year Every word people said were just words that… Bounced off my ear   I graduated high school with a 4.0 Easy for me, everyone expected me to
The low thumping beat in my brain, Is featured with depressing lyrics. I feel the need to cry, Yet I restrain.   That was my first song of 2016.  
Reaching out And reaching out. Help the helpless But I am the helpless. Standing out is too much Blending in is too little.
Towering stadium lights blinded like me nothing else before it. They illuminated the best things about me. The fire that burned so deeply in my soul I was sure it would be eternal.
Mom lights a candle A diya, a lamp I have to choose Red or blue   Voices of reason Larger, louder
Bright light, lovely pale flesh, reflecting blue as the moonlight catches movement, as fingertips dance across flesh, hot and humid breath catching at the back of your throat,
In the dark I was lost. In the dark who was I? Hollow like an open shell. Needy for a soul to cling to. Then you whispered softly, "I am who you seek." Hands stretched wide you craddled me.
They say light and darkness clash Obviously they haven’t met us before, I do stupid stunts but I’ll never crash
I can hear a rose cry It's Time to go I was able to get through I'm sure I'm happy now   I was in a fog The Sun hid behind a tree The east consumes the Sky Yet darkness disappears
Last year, Long ago, You would not recognize me For who I am today. I was a Royal Bitch, I was a Demon in human skin, Crawling and scratching and whining My way  To the outside world.
i. you're cold. two cats on your lap. a dog at your side. messages awaiting on your phone it's not plugged in.  you aren't plugged in. please be okay. how are things going?
You didn't know that when you met me,I was sad.You didn't know when you met me that I didn't know how sad I actually was.You didn't know that when you
A gust of wind. I am dislodged from my cradle. My blanket is ripped away. My family shrinks in the distance. I crash to the ground. The light blinks out as I am covered in a new blanket. I am cold.
One doesn't have to know for one to understand They just have to listen and be there to hold your hand   It's not too complicated to show them that you care Treat them with respect
As the sun slowly rises  And gently wakes me with the touch of its ray, 
I greet the day with gratitude laced with longing. This hunger animates my entire being, Sharpening my senses, a new way of seeing. The pursuit of Light is my soul's calling.   I am a Light Huntress.
My days sim a little dimmer than they use to be The cold, dark clouds seek refuge in my heart I ask why I even bother to get up Because out of the darkness, there is in fact a light That tunnel runs from me
What awakens my eyes? What seemingly invisible something Sparks my passion, without wrinkling my soul I grow older
They ask me why I have the courage to roll out of bed With only positive thoughts passing through my head What do you live to see?
The sun is so powerful Bright with extra radiant  Extraordinary light illuminates the sky The light kisses my face Oh how I feel the warmth of its embrace I open my eyes 
I used to pray for cancer For the distraction from the worldly worries And a catapult to the spiritual ones.   I used to pray for cancer It's a dark prayer I know But the darkness seemed like light.
What energizes one in early morning?             The favorite song drifting through the air             The symbol that the day is not for mourning,             But the beginning of the new, awakened by the music blare
My eyes are closed The sun is out Though I’m still enclosed I can hear them shout   I look out to the rising sun
I looked in the mirror and I saw a woman. A black woman with power, an independent woman, a woman with the vision to change the world. 
Clouds may hide sunshine, but they bring me smiles. showing beauty and grace, never defiled.   They give me perspective, prove that Im so small, yet strong enough not to fall.  
They want to understand me. They want to know how I work. They want to cut me open and see my gears Turning and turning.   They want me to tell all my secrets, Tell my every thought,
Standing back To see it all Every vivid curve Paint portraying Each lesson learned Each moment of pain Each difficult day   To see it all Connect and flow
A light A single light can mean so much in times of turmoil. But, I realize now it's not so much the light as the source from which it gleams from.  
The flames die out. Ghostly traces of red and orange and purple haunt the sky. The last moments of light cling to the clouds as the weight of the sun is dragged down. Resting place. Somberness rises with the moon.
Out of the darkest shell I emerge, Bringing Out a path once trailed I Arrive; With a story to tell From a past once bitter To a Path Now Fitter
Short note: the following poem is in Villanelle style. As words that infuse life into a dark place, Poetry gave a face to the tangled mess in my mind, As strokes on a page that probe a soul’s triumph and waste.
Look past the outskirts of the town of stray men Where none think to trod A black wall caging in the livestock All together lost within an arbitrary boundary   Run blindly past the seam of shadow and light
Surrounded by darkness Your light shines the brightest Out of all the stars  You catch my eye Abolishing the terrible darkness Launching me into the light Your love keeps me grounded
In the summer dawn I took to the mountain and field, Hopping the creek, and breathing the spearmint yield. Passing the pond, I startle the heron perched in the pine,
The first ray of light at the break of dawn   The sunrise seeking out of the clouds   The sunset slowly drifting away from the horizon  
A speck of dust  Spiralling through eternity  Gathering momentum  Navigating the endless space    Does it matter where it's headed  Can it stop its grand descent 
Compulsions undescribed No outlet for emotions A cage of my own making But I forgot the door   Tick tock Goes the clock Ticking my thoughts away Deeper and deeper inside my cage  
Darkness will never overcome you For you are the light, So long as you accept this geass, We shall make it through the night
Sparkling silence is cast over a room before the listeners start to swoon. This poet reads her words so smooth bringing back her own youth.   The words she says speak
In the dark you see light - I see the flames. That's not the Sun burning - This heat has no name.   The kitchen's on fire, so I run out the door. You stop in the middle
I saw the farthest star from here and I knew that was real  I raised my hand and reached my finger tips up, out, and past this Earth  Until I was one with the rest of the universe Until I was bigger than the farthest star
To my nightly lover: You are just a phase I grow out of in the morning and the excuse i come crawling back to at night I never needed a reason to dream
You rant to the sky and lay blame to the earth, for it's gravity is keeping you from flying. As passionate as you are, your fire starts to die as the sunlight begins to fade.
Fear. A devil straight from hell Causes anger to swell Fear. A demon With long wings Laced with blood Dripping down Like a butterfly after rain The eyes
She walked in the room quite unsure of herself, Everyone peered up towards her self conscious frame, She felt like the last book picked on the shelf, The girl sat alone in the corner knowing she'd never feel the same.
She always allowed music to follow her around. She tapped out rhythms and be-bopped and scat. She crooned
I do not like having to squint. The bright lights are unwelcomed, I do not like the way it glints against the tile on the floor, or wood on this desk
  need you because it takes the two of us, To move smoky mountains and conquer forbidden fountains, remember… I need you because it takes the both of us,
I've spent a lifetime in this room.Certain sources of light.Various lamps have come and gone,all lasting different times.Wherever they have been placedin the dark box that is my room,
It seems we are doomed to watch the way mankind ravages itself, tearing and yanking blowing holes in itself until the Titanic could float better than it.   we see the kidnappings and rape
Things. Things. Things. So many things. Stuffed into the closet. Shoved under the bed. Scattered on the floor. More like caked onto the floor. Do I even have a floor?
dear, all i need is you, and i think we both know that all i need, all i need is your hand wrapped in mine and all i need to see is your face because dear, i swear
They have withered. The crumbling giants, With hats hung, hefty pockets, and Swollen skulls‚ÄĒall teeth and Smiles‚ÄĒweighing heavy on their Sagging shoulders. Pale, blind giants who shudder at
So simple we forget about it So important we can't live without it So universal we don't speak about it but it's always there for us through thick and thin
A midnight sky that dwells within is one without a moon or stars, It knows no light. So my dear don't dream of dark nights for it is only street lights that make the night more beautiful than daylight.
There are shadows Down the hall In the corner On the walls   Words are shallow I hear voices Some are deep Most are small   They direct me And inform me
She clutched the broken objects, Held them to her chest. They constantly mocked her life, Called it a mess. But they couldn’t see the tears,
I’m surrounded by darkness, No light to harness. It suffocates me like a cave, No oxygen for my lungs to save. I claw, I cry, yearning for light
Hope is one I cannot live without. She cradles me as I sob on my knees, scraping them on once-holy ground, now tainted by blood and hate. In the dark, she guides me, a beacon of light where none exists. 
Those who have felt it know its impossible now to forget. How consuming the darkness is  yet we were not done, were we? We still have our time left,  our strength to move on. "Come, Consume me," I say.
I am going to live I am going to run with the stars and Scream at the sky   James Joyce will hold my hand And we will walk in a connected world As the trees mutter a familiar tune  
Rakish reflections pass from an Aging streetlight to grace your cheek; The soft touch of that fragile golden glow Compliments the green looking back at me   The smell of smoke is fast asleep
I need the light Whether it's form is in friendship, love, happiness. I crave the warmth that  encases me when I'm with it. The light I mean.
We live in a society of possessions, wants and needs flow into one as we cling to items claiming we have to have them to survive.
Lurking in unsual places  Often hard to find, Shining bright on strangers faces  with grace it falls to the blind, Making doubters optimistic Showing things in diffrent light  
Even though you can no longer see me Look at the sun when it rises Look at the moon and stars   Even though you no longer feel me
The man who saved me If your world is darkIf your eyes are weary and your heart heavy If you feel alone and forgotten If you feel like your mind is an enemy and it attacks you with more ferosity than a starved man whom you've stolen his last penny
Of the nails on the cross through the hands, All I need is the blood of the Lamb. Of the Light piercing the Darkness, All I need is the grace of the One True King. Of the penetrating power of his might,
  If you see me drown alone See me standing on my own In a world of complications I have intricately sown   If you hear me in the night Shedding tears over a loss
      Darkness Is when all your senses Are barred behind a high stone-walled mentality   Darkness Is when your conscience Is unaware of reality   Darkness
A heart can be corrupted, Suffocating under the malicious hand of darkness, Its armor chipped away piece by piece By the thoughts that torment our souls,
Like a drug it takes you overAnd it never let's you goYou try n' get away from it, but it never gives you up  
I love that you stand taller than me your soul  is the closest thing to heaven I've ever felt God knew that so he built you accordingly  
You were thereMy beginningYou helped chase the shadowsTrustI gave it to you willinglyI give it you stillI will never regret itYou showed me powerA love I had never seenUndying
In the midst of chaos stands a lone rock. This rock doesn't waver nor does it speak. It just sits there, before the fray and watches. Everything around the  rock, leans forward
In life we are given many tokens of worldly greatness,Staring us in the eyes through a mist,A dark fog with nowhere to see anything in front of us,Except for those objects that are inanimate.
Calm and graceful, Fluttering in the wind Their attraction to bright colors Of flowering plants Their life span so short, Yet their wisdom so great Beautifully inspiring                             
"The shadows are long The shadows are dark They always lurk They leave no mark  The shadows are big The shadows are deep The shadows fall As the world sleeps The shadows return
I strive to be the tree Who stays rooted with gentle strength I strive to be the wind Formless and ever present I strive to be water Able to become any situation I strive to be the bird
  Here in the garden, kaleidoscopic. Here where I took and ate, saccharine. Here she was born.   Let me go  Please stop it.    My veins crepuscule. Eyes dark  Lips dark
A blanket of time covers our eyes. Fire rains down from the sky and water grows from salt. We have shifted. Fallen. Fast and deep into nothing save for imaginary realities.
the boy had fingertips made of pure white flames back when the walls were closing in, i was unrecognizable my own skin had an elusive disguise it was drenched in icewater
the boy had fingertips made of pure white flames back when the walls were closing in, i was unrecognizable my own skin had an elusive disguise it was drenched in icewater
I dug myself a grave in the ground It was like 60 feet down For years I'd walk the edge Then one day I fell like a rebound In that dark that was musky too Though I was alone I still heard the "I NEED YOU"s
We hope to see trees in bloom we hope to see them all we hope to see afternoon we hope to see night fall we hope to see beauty come we hope to see life knew we hope to see the moon run
In the darkness I heard a voice, It wasn't screaming for help, it was asking for someone to join them. I never understood why this was. It wasn't until after her that i realized no one wants to be alone in the darkness
Does pain really cease? Or is it a mere conformity? Does darkness provide ease? Or simply consume the light we no longer see?
The darkness Surrounds me knawing at me and saying "come, come" The hands  r  e  a  c  h for me but I stand firm. This will not happen My thoughts circle rapidly. 
Humans naturally fear the darkBut welcome light,A bright spark,A flameHowever, light often leads to painFor it illuminates our wrongsAnd we are visible and transparentAll our sins apparent
Young King, Stand here with me as we face the darkness And as light seems to fade and the shadows rise Fear and hopelessness take hold And as my strength weakens I feel the end come near, only to be
Just move off into your world Just leave this world behind Stop picking up the pieces of an old broken life Follow the Light Walk in it! Walk in Him.  Let Him shew you the way
On the forbidding ground I lay, As the trees above me sway. The clouds above me roar with thunder; Don’t wake me from my dreamless slumber.   I feel a hurricane is near; It’s so hard to not feel fear.
He can never be predicted He even brings the mighty king's down from their Thrones   He is never impressed by their Titles the king's get or for the Status these earthly king’s hold.  
Unlike any other,   I can not settle with any color,   I can not choose one passion over the other   I think that they complement one another.   Only in    Light  
I am light Soft and beautful, resilient and bright I am a guide through darkness an aid with no strite I am neither her nor there, but simply everywhere Caught between the battle of wrong and right
Cavern. Plic. An endless cavern. Plic. Plic. Upon first glance, there is only darkness. Plic. Plic. But to those who wait... To those who listen Plic.
The air is stiff, as if the wind is holding its breath,  and there is a coolness to the air, soothing, calming, peaceful. The grass is soft from where I'm sitting, as if inviting me to stay and enjoy the moment.
Where do i stand   All my life back when my mom was still alive she would always notice my brother and give him what he wants i was 8 he was 16 he was bound to college i'm still bound for nothing
With summer laze and winter days we wend our ways  in the silence of the night. And creeping still, thoughts mill amongst the dying of the bright. But what comes will be and what be will comes
Whiskey-colored rays of light coming from the window dragged me out of bed.
I don't have a grand life Every night isn't filled with parties and friends Most days I enjoy my own company  walking in nature feeling the wind blow throw my hair and between my  fingertips
Once destined to be forgotten in darkness To not recieve any sort of hope But instead was abandoned by all Until one day a miracle happened   A hand reached out to me
Tick Tock the clock mocks straight from up ahead As I lay, Time keeps pounding down upon my head. My head lays heavy on the dark blue sheets of my bed No matter what I do sleep is something that I dread.  
Some days, the night comes too early           But others, too late I wonder why the crickets begin their song While I am still dancing At dusk, the critters come They bite and buzz and light
Somewhere on the highest mountain
Over the mountains Across the seas Through the tunnels Under the trees The wind blows here ¬† All over the world The voice is heard The wind whispers ‚ÄúCaution, Danger is near‚ÄĚ
There is so much to give and so much to do. Don't let anyone ever hurt you. You are beutiful and perfecty inperfect in your own and uniqe ways. Show the world who you really are and what you are capable of.
I am different. Not in visage, nor style, nor walk, Not in avocation, nor mannerism, nor talk, But in hope and dream and state of mind.   I am different In that The radioactive waves of lies
Isolated with my thoughts, dwindling into emptiness Wishing there was something to rip the pain from my chest Breathing becomes more difficult as my eyes begin to swell
I feel so alone
Though the Darkness surrounds
Gracefully I dance
Deny the light you are given for it is precious and given without sacrefice. It rises for you daily, untiredly. Again and again it rises for you, yet you deny its wonderful gift.
The world spins around in shades of black All around my head my own thoughts betray me, planning their attack I wish I could scream Or wake up from this horrible dream A never ending feeling of floating
The Sun ¬† She brings us life and joy; despair Her silent song a covenant of care‚Äď Our faithful servant in the air ¬† A gilded messenger, inasmuch:
Seeking Light  
~Lumos~   There once was a time when all was dark, Where all who feared feared his mark. Those who fought him died, And those who ran away, cried. They dare not speak his name,
earliest rays find the absent spaces, to peak in a window pane eyelids fight the disruptive rays, but bouncing signals in the brain awake ghosts departe, the darkness dispersing in primitive light
I’d rather stare At fireworks in the evening, Than a dark tear
Blood is shed by the hands of men, Deep scarlet runs through the streets. When did this form of genocide began? With blood, human hands are streaked.   It seems as if everyone has lost touch
    Radiance emitted from beyond this cage, made palpable through a hole tiny in size, seemed to quell my rage fear let assauge, curiosity continuing to rise I set off to
Although pain is ever present, And sorrow never ceasing, Light by the sun is always sent, Happiness ever increasing.   No nigt lasts forever, As the earth and all its glory
Golden light spills out of the sky  and into our laps Our laughter rings 
When the land is dark And all is lost I strain to see The light following me But it is there And always will be   That light shines So bright, you see Is hope
the moon's like God's flashlight for the lost in the night sky; like God's spotlight to let you know he sees you and that you're a super star in your own right with your own light; like Heaven's porch light to let you know
I look at the walkers Zombie-esque Seeing all the magic
Guarded by scales   
He walks at home in the streets alone a lone light Glimmers as his day starts to fade a satchel for his car and a lighter for his fuel he drifts off into another star evening
"Would you be like the others?", I pondered. It began with art and a hint of hesitancy. This was my thing. Our thing. And now you are here to share it. With us. One of the most magical days of my life
Follow me in to the great bright light Where courage knows no cowardice And fear has no place among the bold   Follow me in to the rich golden light Where dreams are achieved
Pink, Fluffy, Swirled world.   What shall we call this, This creation? A sunset.   It's wonderful, Some could say, Perfect.   Far from it dear,
Lord, let me be more like you
The Raven and The Light   The bird that flys in the night, you shall call him crow. I may call him winged king. The name beats in my heart.
  Heavens Rain   I do not know If my skin will ever be as clean as others seen But i dream to let go of a constant stream..  Aesthetic symmetry floods me 
My thoughts I cannot find
What if i told you there is hope? What if I told you there is an end? Would you believe me?
Lights on   Lights off. Then
Are you afraid of the dark? Of silence Of stillness Of nothingness The vast emptiness U try to make out shapes in the blank space Can you see it I see everything
I wake up t
*/ /*-->*/ Beautiful Love Affair
As a child, the world around me seemed bright,  The vibrant hues of nature and life Intrigued me so with a blinding light That masked the toils and strife. Through art, I found myself,
I suppose we all know one day we'll die to some of us that might sound like a sweet  relief For others it may be a biggest fear.  For some, Life has been hell For others much better
This sadness. I feel my chest being crushed ever so slowly. Pushing harder and slower. Farther and lower. My heart throbs like a beating drum before battle.
Behind the filter I am Sylvia. Behind the likes and "thumbs up" I am Lucy. Before the mascara I am a daughter. Named by my free spirited parents' Name sake of shimmering light in the forest. 
In the darkness i will wait
In darkeness, there is light. In the rain, there is sun shine.  So even while I'm unable to grasp the pai, my mind is at ease.  For even through death is life.   
I am of flesh I breath sin I keep to myself what lies within   But do express And I'll give you notice When storms draw near I feel their closeness   Love one love all
 Ode to Darkness   You have existed  since the beginning  of time and for too many years and to too many minds have been misunderstood  
Sometimes the world is too much for me
The light that shines From the inside out It's beautiful-I have no doubt I see your light It's not like mine It's brighter, stronger All the time Can you see my dulling glow?
Fisad now broken, Not a lie to others, but to self. WhoWhatWhy Am I?
He is of romance, and a skillful painter, is the night,  
They say your eyes, When given time, Become accustomed To the night.   Though dark and eerie One great shadow, Night penetrated Glows to light.   It is a lie.
She is his sun Helping him find his way. After all the rain Falling in his world for so long Someone is here to brighten his day.   She is his white moon Saving him from an eternal night
A mind as vast as the universe, Can get lost in the depths of time. But pause, Look around at your company, For the stars will be your guide.
on the corner of Madison and Wells, a ghost with a gray cotton tee and tattered jeans saw my red lace dress and started deer hunting. he wasn’t timid, only lanky, and gripped the ground 
I know the tear soaked pillow all too well.
Light in the bright of Day. Makes for sadness in the eternal night. 
Everyone has a flaw That makes them unique Every mistake Wish could retake A teacher we hate That laughs at our fate   He father of lies Larks at our lives When suffer we
Drowning, drowning, drowning… Please, someone save me… But his voice is lost In the suffocating dark recesses Of loneliness. I have no one. Solitude envelopes him In her arms,
Birth of Dawn   look down, breath's thick in your mouth,  drifting out like dragonsmoke. the grass beneith your feet,  damp with the crisp kiss of false dawn.
See the Light Watch its smile Across my sight Creating my style   My struggle you must Never understand But brush the Dust From this brand   Assist my comfort
I gave up a lot To pursue this love But now it seems That I was blind and dumb     I dedicated my life My entire childhood To pursue a dream
Let us arise swiftly Let our movements be done Abruptly  Like the wind  So that they may never catch us Us, We who lay in the shadows  Hiding in the darkness for we know no fear
Won't you hold me tight In the middle of the night Don't turn on the light Hold me with all your might You know it ain't right If we have a fight That seems to be my plight But your out of sight!
    Oct 5 2014   The sun is sitting on the crown of the trees just due east. Reaching her arms through its leaves,   Holding it. Like a mother hugs her child.  
  Little boy don't you see? This life I live isn't made for you nor me. For what I carry and for what I hold. This fixture you have of me, isn't the truth of what I told.   Little boy don't you see?
I stay positive for friends and foes. They're the ones who need it the most. I try to be the light of their lives. Just to keep them one more night. Alive. They need to know someone cares.
  All he asked me was not to cry
Curtains are pulled for protection To hide what we don’t want to be seen To shade us from investigation To protect us from reality   But is it any safer to be in the dark? To stay in just one place?
Exact image shown in a different light Image relected back to you shows you the way others view you.
I haven't always been this way I remember better days
What is hope   is it the thought of light  in the middle of darkness?
So I say goodbye to the daylight, To the sun I bid adieu,
I didn’t want the morning to come, The sun to invade my windows and brighten my room,
I want a
I look to you,Then to myself,Then to my life, Past wretched falure upon failure,Bewitched by hollow hopes. My love never was,It never should have been
For whome, This may
There is a land of radiance that shines
I was always the last person in line, the last seat at the back of the classroom, and the last person to speak.
I was one in the dark, you know? Following a pace Destruction was its face Tall and Slim Dark and Grim Too much to care.   The light Was too fair   My itchy ears
In a world full of chaos and hate, you wanna know what lifts me up... you wanna know what makes me smile... you wanna know how I am able to persevere,
I prize my gift from the sun, the smooth ebony blanket that trails in my path. It bears the token of my progress, like a toll booth of past endowments, always full of unanswered prayer.  
Heroes can only be stars If they have a night sky To shine against  But I never asked To be the darkness  
Let the ev
Fingertips slide across my lips, And joy floods to my soul. Blood rushes to my skin,  I blush away,  I feel the sin. Why on earth am I this way? Yearning and burning 
Sometimes the stars align just right To make a single point of brillaince so intense it leaves   a spot in your vision
In the distance I feel your heart,
Fear is a source of vengenance Powering all to ingnite in its glory We are weak and fall frail  We allow this to overcome our thoughts  Making us into something we never even imagined.  
Euphoric my soul has been marked Untroubled written on my heart No amount of sorrow 
You were a great mom You always did a good job You took care of me and my life And you were always a great friend When times had changed I became the mom I began taking care of you
That which makes me tick is hard to define Is the antidepressants stabilizing my mind? Is it the fear of failure or being left behind? Is the incessant tick tock ticking of time?
Flashing gems mount the noble crown  Dashing passions paint the milky gown  Pulsing plights sound within the hue-ringed hole  Convulsing fashions taint the beautiful soul   
Like fire cascading down the mountains . Setting  ablaze he trees. With the last spot of light to be seen . Enforcing a relaxed mood in the atmosphere. After a hard days work  
Humbled by pin drops Of dust And of fire Burning the darkness and filling the nothing Surrounding her, She closed her eyes and wished herself To a night where they couldn’t see her,
She looked more than stunning,
On the first night of our secret meeting we can ran wild like the wind. Just you and I and the moon. The moon shined so bright it rivaled the sun. Our sun, your light, my fire.
Walking down the street with tear in my eyes and you still have words to say to me? My head in the ground, dirt in my face and your still kicking me?
Darling, light that cigarette  Let the ashes fall  With them your dreams Cause tomorrow when you wake up  You'll realize we never met    Standing on that boardwalk  In the dark of night 
The devil is chasing me  Always has been  Since the day I was conceived  He tries to make me give in    Though there're many enticements  And many temptations 
So much energy, In one small space. Shining light all over the place, Bright and bold It takes the gold Lantern shine bright, all through the night.
In the overshadowing darkness where despair takes life and hope is nothing but a word. Where faith has no meaning and trust has fallen to sorrow. In the consuming darkness
What is hope Is it the illogical sense of knowing everything will be alright? Is it stupid Is it smart   What is hope Is it wishing something that you want comes true? Is it selfish
Here's one from several months back:   Weighed down by the mistakes of my past A pebble, a rock, a mountain on my shoulders At first I ran, regrets like quicksand sucking at my feet
You don't have to let them take you down. You don't have to let them turn your smile into a frown.
#what?   Why does this pressure just make me freeze. Why do I constantky watch myself in the mirrior instead of stick my head out of it's cage. All I want is to live my life outside these bars.
As we drift our souls into one,
The horses run free and the chaotic winds twirl  As the pyramids collapse and crumble Beneath our very hands
Primitive light envelopes the birch logs in heliotrope.  Autumn leaves adopt an auburn glint.  Crouched moon in the southern sky.    This is the place astronomers call Shattering dawn -   
I am stuck in a very confined place Where there are decisions I need to make But no one can understand my true face As I proclaim out loud ‚Äúit‚Äôs a piece of cake‚ÄĚ With these thoughts my head spins frantically
They have never known the peace that trickles
Summer rays burn,
There is a burning light Red and gold dancing in my soul A fiery passion kept in a cage Beautiful and powerful, but no need to be afraid  
Walk a mile in my shoes Then you’ll know what it’s like to choose Between making a life of your own and leaving the nest
  Dark laughs at the fight
A difference you are Making as a butterfly’s' phase in life.  
Once, I saw a white rose
The ever lasting candle is what the lord provide me , except i am the light not the wax.
I would that the sun were silver-gray
The darkness descends. Hello, my friend. Hisssssss. Remember the pain, remember the lies, Remember the feelings you disguise. Terrifying cold, the biting steel Running red so you can feel.  
Green and white clothes with a hat just too big, tiny yellow shoes waiting for the day.
How can yo
  Grand Haven             Trusting, loving, funny             Leave me smiling             Day after day             Turned from gray  
  Golden Gram             A weightless penny             Profound in design             Yet heavy             Treasured            
  Unknown Sorts             Become my torch             Beauty in light             Guide me through this twilight             Stronger than others
  Your powers all I need-  The only thing I see. You see, what'chu got Is all they all really need. My dream job 
Storm clouds gather in the afternoon skies Like doubts and fears clouding my eyes They used to be hazel, now they're grey Once they shown like a bright autumn day
Golden ray of light Tip-toes sparkling to the earth Turning dust to art
self inflicted pain I'm pouring salt in my own wounds. Stuck in the past; time doesn't heal after all.   Thoughts in your mind are constantly telling you You're not good enought to weak,
Sometimes it seems like
When life gets difficult, And your cup over flows, Things go haywire, Objects explode, Theres no air, No air, No air you cant breathe, Your brain cant conceive, Wrong, Wrong,
Honesty is all I would change maybe if we all could be genuine love would not be in vain if I could change the roles of honesty maybe a liar would feel the victims pain He lied to me that's why I feel this way
I don't know if
Marked by shades             Chained by judgment             Being blinded by false imagery             Colors of white to dark             Long plagued our kind  
Below The Heavens             Below the dawn of day             Hear the trumpet             Smooth and vibrant             A sweet melody  
Seek out the meadows             Upon this day             Into the night             Come out upon my sight             As silent as a ghost            
I sit by old candlelightin the dead of nightfinishing my workwhich has become an irk.Now I cravewhat is unattainable by day(unless you live in a cave).The succulent silence of slumber
There is a fire      that wells inside of my stomach    A raging flame   slowly burning every inch      of my flesh as darkness settles over   inching creeping
The throbbing pulse of the silenceMade immune to the deadening enclave of walls of stoneIn this captivity, but one soul exists And calls this asylum her homeOne lives and soundlessly breathes here 
Darkness is a fellow who doesn't believe in light They've never met, he claims He stares at me with eyes I can't see As if he is deranged After a time, he is so tired and dismayed
Twinkle Twinkle little starI do not know where you areAll I see is an expanse of blackAnd I wish all my stars would come back.
roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet if only you were too   youve sreded my heart  like it was paper thin you crumpled my soul like a can made of tin  
Darkness  noun  The partial or total absence of light  
There once was a world that was darkBut in one girl there was a small light.This girl was able to leave a mark
Cloaked by shadows,Enshrouded in mystery,You stalk through the night. The book is open,The fate unwritten,You search for what is right. 
My eyes flutter open
Darkness fell with innocence in tow The serene sky marred by gunshot smoke Signed by Death’s fiery signature And crossed with wails that frayed stable ground.
Slow like the morning sun rises The hourglass frozen Dawn passes a slow horizon
Everyone, everywhere love me, desire me Let me be in all of your wet dreams and fantasy men, women, all alike I need to feel loved and wanted. if I wasn't so careful I would allow
The world is notBlack and whiteIt's gray -Millions of shades of itAnd it's hard to knowWhat's rightAnd wrongAnd what's in-betweenIn that gray area
The peoples of the earth have looked wide, But few have looked at the side   Where the light shined the most bright. They didn't want to look straight into the light;  
Everything is filled to the brimwith love undying, all inclusivethere in wooden brocades and
Life is a glasshalf full of something or otherYet empty of something elseAnd no one can quite agree on whichOr remember that reallyIt’s all the sameBecause life is a glass half empty of time
Life is a dayOf a thousand hoursA million secondsA millennia's worthOf cool breezes and breathsThat escape past our lipsIn smiles and sighs and laughsDrawn unsuspecting from our souls
Violent screams, tears dripping from 
The dream to be more is a road unsure Desperate for change, it starts in me Dust off those words, those thoughts that torture The Light reaches out to set me free Take the stand and make it pure
Many of us have doubt when we see that God is taking too long to answer, many of us do not seek the kingdom first and wonder why all the other good things aren't coming we tend to lean on our own understanding which means not Trusting in the Lord
I feel you in my skin
These cold hands are stuggling  Can't get warm if anything I try and try again Only to get colder than The heart of this dead body walking I can't resist the coughing
I sit motionlessly, watching the bright rays of light dim over the horizon. I can hear the soothing sound of the waves striking the rocks, and the wet footprints running across the sand.
"SHUT UP!" "Go back to where you came from you wetback!" I stood there as their words pounded against my ears. I watched the teacher rip the two boys apart, fists and faces smeared with blood.
The darkness and light struggles within,Can't imagine where to begin.Seeing through clouds of darkness and dispare,One wonders what to do from there.Bright eyes pierce the soft soul,
I've always been here, if you needed me. Although you never even noticed my prescence. 
A man walks down a white road. He sees a child fallen on the street corner.  He tries to assist, she's too afraid- of what? He sees a man with a sign - black with white letters- "in need"- of what?
Numbness overtakes her devastation Standing in a paradise so surreal Unable to express her infatuation Always told what to think and feel   Living with an endless imagination
Beautiful fluttering delightful browning Bestows its colorful tricks Their glorioua masquerade thrashing
My name is Katie. i for sure ain't eighty. I'm a "spider cutie" with a big, Cuban booty. But you can call me the "leading light" because I am now a UCF knight! -KLow
It's like the stars are the beautiful ones So much light calles Surrounded by so much darkness But nothing keeps them Nothing stops them From shining
I am a robot. i am the system  
Puffy eyes; sleep deprived.
The Whitest Soul I may be,
Today my light bulb blew.
A scent to clear the mind, A sound that can heal much, Blessed are those who feel the rain Without the sense of touch.
No matter how much I express myself and people sympathize to understand, there's still that part of me that's never really known. All alone. It craves to have light shed upon it,
A woman of Black gold, gave birth to an olive child, Strong and mighty was she to stand by a father who stood to just pretend. Made sure her little peice of hope in this world was warm, fed, and fast asleep everynight
Life. It's a journey. Journey. It's made worthwhile by love. Love. It began with a friendship. Friendship. It's a strong bond. Bond. Time together that you enjoy. Enjoy.
Innocence gone
When I am weary and tired of worrying, I take a look at my phone and see what new vine is spreading. I distract myself from a heart beating too fast and a mind reading too quick oh stop - 
Its dark, its cold, theres no way out every space of light seems to be occupied by its own form of witchcraft I walk on this world with no stablilized path the lukewarm presense of the present life
Give me your hand. You feel that vibration in my chest? That's called a heartbeat, and as long as that machine is pumping that red matter through my veins, it goes through to my brain,
we love to observe the angels the gods the light we love to pick out our beauties especially in those we adore. this is why love fails.
Dark to light. light to dark.hence my soul becomes a spark.benevolence is as benevolence doesto light/extinguish the fire between all of us (April 1, 2011)
Today I will conquer Today I push the clouds west and stand under blue skies The bloodred sunset will not be my demise The darkness will not overcome me I will glow golden in the nights thick black curtain
I struggled against my restraints I was forced here, into a cage I wasn't meant to be locked away I have things to do, Places to see, People to meet  
Sailing in the waters of which You wept, You sees a Light in the distant of the cove, a Light that Reality would refer to as a dead end.   The Light fades, then flares, fades,
You sit behind me in the midnight sun Urging me forward toward the edge  Always there my dark twin You are the sin to my light It takes everthing to fight the pull Oh how sweet it would be 
 Maybe She Would Be Alive Today. If I Spoke Up And Said What I Needed To Say. If I Thought Differently and Choose A Different Path. Crazy Thing Is I Didn’t Think She Would Last.
With grace and power she stands there Light soothing hands with a maternal touch Gentle eyes that cut through glass and fair hair that falls upon her shoulders Dependable, she is everyone's crutch   
Little Candle burning bright, dancing on beeswax and lumber. May it light flicker so after I wake from my slumber. Her little blaze is gentle, warming me with ease.
As I stand here, at Ground ZeroI reflect on what happened all those years agoSo many bitter memories on my mindFrom the day I escaped with just my lifeI should be a dead man, I shouldn't be alive
I sat in a dark cold room Surrounded by my friends. My feet shivered on the cold stone floor, And fear filled the air.   I wanted to know why
The cave fish swim Round and round Going nowhere Blind in the dark   Most have no eyes But one fish sees Sees the blackness Feels the hopelessness   The fish with eyes
  You whisper nonsense in my ear so soft, so gentle I listen closely to the cadence of your voice lulling me to contentment. You laugh. My heart soars. It vibrates through my flesh.  
I arrived out of the dark night Runnin', runnin' Runnin' for my life, I saw left I saw right I forgot what was right Then I decided to go left Going left was going deaf
Momma always used to say, ‚ÄúGod laughs at the plans you make.‚ÄĚ But that was just a chance I had to be willing to take. ¬† Empathetic, kind-hearted, containing the true values of life
The darkness doesn't always mean evil, Just like the light does not always mean good. Thinking for yourself isn't always a bad thing. Right and wrong is an opinion. Decisions blind. Outcome unpredictable.
I once met love at the front door! And, when I glaced it's direction Love, beautifully, smiled back at me. That was love. My first sight! I became instantly drawn to love.
Happiness doesnt always fall upon you, you have to choose it and then persue it. 7 years ago, my world darkened, my eyes were opened to how bad people really were,
When someone asks "Are you gay?" When someone says "You look lik a guy." When someone knows the truth they know me by no lies they just dont know it all the real alswers to their questions
    Come, don’t be afraid. Travel into the Distance on the path that curves into Nothing and bends into eternity.   Be with me As I walk into the core of the silence
Wait Blue Beloved, I want to tell you, let’s snuggle forever, and stay with me in bed sweetheartTimes will seem too hard to bear and I will feel like life is giving up on me
I search for you. Stumbling, crawling, in the unforgiving dark, With no map, no light to guide me home, I am simply a fool refusing to admit she’s alone, Eventually I stop and just sit,
When will the darkness end? Will morning ever come? Will I always have to pretend? Or will the mask be broken by some? The smile on my face, Is almost never real, I put it there to hide,
when the Sun is alive so am I the unimaginable dream is mine fog will remain in my path but fire in my eyes, boldly. there is a dawn that rises unshakeable and endless like the core of soul
I'm swimming in a sea of saddness, running out of breath. Although it seems I've spotted shore, I'm always wrong: it's never near. I wish I'd sink or be attacked, at least then I'd feel something.
Men or Women Have the power to kill. Though we blame objects Like guns, knifes, swords, etc. Why are we blaming these objects When we should be the one to blame The people that hold the gun,
December ashes cold and gasping lay, upon the earth- the Millions gray.   Amidst the frozen earth of Ash, the torches flame-- the Light holding back these Bleak days.   they  burn-
I can see, but I am blind. I can hear, though I am deaf. I can speak, yet I am mute. I find myself wandering, like a spirit, Walking the same path over. I cannot tell if a dream has taken me
Go outside! look at the bright world out there. Feel the chill on your face, the cold wind in your hair. Stand out in the open, study the sky's blue a winter sun on my face, and I am with you.  
What is freedom? Is it the light I see in this dark place? Is it just a word, or do I give the meaning to it? Is it the feeling of floating freely in poisonous water? 
Our World... Rapacity! Where Men usurp the youth. Men who manifest greed, lust, power Illimiuniting Freud's Id through actions Alas! The youth replicate their Teachers. Cloned as the Men
From as far  well as far as I can remember  From the cold fronts of December to the hot summers of July in everything  I've done it was to prove that I could do  anything as long as try,
Ever feel like your trapped In a bottomless hole so deep  but yet comfortable to your new surrounding  familiar with the dark walls  and the ordinary smell that become your only companions
Today  We Fly. Today We Cry. Today We Sigh. Today We Lie. Today We Deny. Today... We Die. (Written in Trochaic Monometer)
She steps inside a world unkown. The place is dark and stars don't glow. She starts to cry-- she wonders why-- she thinks she cannot be fulfilled with just her dreams.
Light and Dark walked together one cold winter's night under the shining face of the moon, full and bright. On this night they could walk arm in arm As old comrades might, forgetting their differences.  
It’s the last time you’ll see him. He’s pale with closed eyes. He used to make you happy, But now all you do is cry. You cry over what was, And what won’t ever be. You cry because you realize
    With you? The monsters don't seem so scary. And life? Not so tough. You are the sunshine to my darkness. You keep me safe beside you.  
Across the window pane Drops falling fast Whispering silent secrets Casting shadows of the past   Some may see sadness And cry their own tears Cascade down crimson cheeks
When I close my eyes all I can see is your face wanting to get me.           That's why I write When I go to lay in bed at night all I can feel is your hands on me.           That's why I write
I am like the dark. A vast, intricate enigma. Everybody can see that I’m there. Some people choose to embrace me. I do not seek, but lie in wait. Few people can understand some of me, some of what I hold.
I use to sit alone in my dark room surrounded by clouds of dark thoughts My life was so cold back then and I kept thinking I couldn't last too much further on
See a hand reaching out to save me and draw me to the light , I cry as it hold me tight,Its say come near for I care ,please do not fear ,My love for I am here,
Bound by silence, my mind a cell. Blinded, deafened- can't hear the bell. The bell that sounds freedom to speak My blinded eyes struggle to peak Into the land of harmony- A place where darkness cannot be.
Hands lock, fingers curl. Eyes twitch. Just a few of the many things we do together. When walking on the beach, seagulls high above us. People waving hello as we get higher,
Silent, bright-eyed, constantly watchingThe holes in darkness for a time stay lastingBut when time dies down all matter changesThe gaps are sewn, it rearranges
Writing lights the path of ever darkness A darkness that consumes all emotions Feeling has ceased, sight has ceased, taste has ceased Senses taken over by the evil A beast that knows absolute no loving
-You lie through your teeth When it comes to how-are-you‚Äôs ‚ÄúI‚Äôm good‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúI‚Äôm okay,‚ÄĚ Is what you‚Äôd instead say -Feeling lonely day by day Not that you weren‚Äôt alone in the first place
As the sunlight slips between my fingertipsI watch the shadows fallThey fall in lacy breaths over my skin,Making darkness and light seem so intricate
Life; It is something to be cherished and treasured Something to put your all into
Patient and silent, I will wait Shrouds of shinister figures, beckoning Cloaked in darkness, I will wait Into the depths of the forboding abyss Neither friend nor foe, I will wait
When I look at my life as an outsider would, I see that it looks rather boring. Dull.  Insignificant. The fact of the matter is, I am not a genius An athlete A prodigy
The light in his eyes shine bright as stars and just as quickly, are snuffed.
Miles away apart from grace, I need your love to guide me through; where no fear is ever known. Though seclude, I feel right at home. Late at night, like my overseer  I feel you watching my every move.
The kindness in the smile of a little girl. Fearless and free...the world not yet clawing away her freedom to love, sees through eyes as clear as the sea with an embrace as warm as the sun.
Determent lurks at every corner; Not visible, not heard--but sensed. Every pathway blocked; Every escape route tried. Sinister silence engulfs the empty room, But one frantic heart beats.
Why I write? I write because you told me to Because you encountered history and literature but never met a pen or page
The roads are dark, lost in direction.  No way to turn, my path is lost-- I can’t see, where is the Light?  Turn right, turn left, I do not know?  Wherever I go, I cannot see. My heart pounds, it’s so dark!
Nothing last forever, The oceans will dry, Leaves and flowers wither, Monuments fade, and men do too.   What is life will not stay, What is death grants only reprieves,
On the lofty, grassy hill I stand Facing toward the eastern dawning light Slowly rising, lighting the damp land Silence broken by the fowl of no flight
When born God gave children a precious gift, <br> Through open eyes a new world floods within. <br> When sunrise is near our light starts to lift, <br> But darkness is my eyes, my own vile sin.
  Why did you have to love me? I can promise you that it’s nothing against you. But, I turn away because I keep love close, maybe too close, and I think that I will only remember and love you.
Darkness It creeps around me It surrounds me Everything is dark Hurt and pain engulf me They rearrange my story There is no hope   I open my eyes to find a glimpse of something.
                                                        The earth laughing in flowers                                                          The ocean singing a lullaby.
My mind has been reborn. Ecstasy consumes me.
Writing is like carving.Carving out pieces. Pieces ofThe heart of Jesus. Love in the face ofpain-filled hatred,hurt breeding hurt in the heart.
I felt different as if somehow I seemed to glisten. The air was cold but I was warm. I was a light in the darkness. My eyes were closed, but i refused to open them. I was alone but I didn't feel alone. Everything felt perfect.
Entitled: Najarri Samuel Whitehead But that's all you read. Skipped past the prologue, and examined the pictures. So in reality you only saw the happiness, the joy. Never walking the heartache and pain.
My biggest fear will never visit me Never will I allow myself to fall in To cave in, to wither, to fall. For I will stand as strong as a weeping willow. In the darkness he lurks, always behind me.
  Tis neither:ShelteredLostWhere truth lies-Learn to look aboutTo see beauty.
mind is on hold heart is in fast-forward words were once all I needed to hear now I need a proclamation a declaration from you to me make me your everything desire at will your power, your love
  I once was lost, I felt alone in this world and empty, I felt like life was not worth the cost, My insides were hollow, And my heart feeling hefty, Why to live? What do I have to give?
The Sky Insisting to reflect what is inside of me Darkened it's clouds to night Pouring out my grief; The trees bowed and trembled beneith it's power; I turned my face up to accept it's companionship
There is a dark place where nightmares slitherA place where sickness has no cureA place where the depths of hell shall riseA place where flames consume every ocean and river
Where in these dark caverns I lie alone, Hidden without the wakefulness pure bright In the shadows, I silently atone, Awaiting the purge of the searing light; But doubtly I conceal thyself of night
Wisps of air pranced through the blades of grass under the creek And danced atop the dorsal fins of the creatures of the deep And found under the surface of the water
The cloudy thoughts that fill my mind My secret truths most cannot find To the close few I give my time I speak my lies as if I’m fine An outlet for what I contain The truths I know must explain
See the masked skeletons of undead slaves march varnished spirits welded together by the sins of their past through the smog they trudge
You may not know who I am But I know who you are. I see you most of the time. I play your words in my ear Over and over till I get sick of it.   You are always on my mind,
  At this moment, I am inventing the dinosaur; creating toast; conceiving an end to a circle. Against reason, I am endeavoring to produce something beautiful from the dregs of humanity.  
I live my life so I can strive to make a difference with an inference of the pursuit of happiness in the american dream which gleams brightly in the distance.   you're almost there you can almost taste it
Children of Light, must fight the night. To protect the innocent’s dreams. Gird on your sword of sharpened light, Children of Light, must fight the night. Strap on your polished armor bright,
Here me here me ole trouble one Thrill and passion is what you desire, And your wants unquenchable as fire. Allow me to give you what you seek For it is from your heart I do speak.  
Night. A time filled with darkness. Darkness. Close your eyes and you will know. But, true darkness surrounds you, you can feel its prescence,
I walked inside the shadows Hiding my face and who I was I had no voice I could not speak Choking on the breaths I could not breathe I wandered quickly Anxiously I fell deeper into the dark
  In that forest deep and green They came across a maiden Unlike anything they'd ever seen With gold and jewels was laden   With words of honey she led them Deep into the wood
You bring us warmth and make things bright You even let us see whats in the night Because of you there is no dark Infact without you a person couldn't even write this ode a remark!  
Green light, yellow light, RED LIGHT.   Green light - proceed, Yellow light - caution, Red light - STOP.   Stop - green light, Caution - yellow light, Proceed - red light,
A light shining bright  Surrounded by shades of night, A candle battles against the wind, Flickering, but never out and warm within   Poetry is the voice of the silent,
I got caught in a thunderstorm and thought about the way our bodies move through the sky and fall to the earth just like that.  
Into the den of the wicked blackbird and past my less fortunate peers, I arrived in an orchard humming with growth and the beauty I no longer possessed.  
Terror and fright consume me: Light leaves and dark trails behind me. I am forever alone with no one near or close, In this secluded island, I stand morose.
The sea: a light flickers, flits, sees my face, turns back. I call, reach, shield from the rain on the waves that, crashing, cover the figment, which drowns, choking, a bubbly laugh
Amongst the darkness of the world, Poverty and the poor, Children of very young mothers, Abandoned children of fathers, Deaths of loved ones that come and go, Even abortion agreed upon by scared young girls,
I'm living in a world so bleak and cold No warning of hurt Protect yourself because nobody else will Hold on tight It's going on to be a long fight Filled with mysteries Yes, that we are
I'm living in a world so bleak and cold No warning of hurt Protect yourself because nobody else will Hold on tight It's going on to be a long fight Filled with mysteries Yes, that we are
No matter how hard I try it seems like I keep getting farther and farther away Maybe this connection is not part of the design that leads to our fate We were moving along schedule smoothly going up step by step
(I have not seen you nor have I known; But I love you more than riches or gold. I have not realized through images of art, how close you really are to my heart. You are my light, you make me smile;
(I have not seen you nor have I known; Bu I love you more than riches or gold. I have not realized through images of art, how close you really are to my heart. You are my light, you make me smile;
Everything is so screwed up... but, my mind's made up. You're not real. I'm callin' demons a disease but I know one when I see one. I had one. It filled me. I possessed one. It killed me.
They scatter stars And take all light from laughter. Across the skies they turn summer's soft blues Into stormy grays. They delight in All that is tainted with sin.
In the light we see darkness In the darkness we see light But what light?
She is light. Filled with wonder and beauty - She's the goddess of light. The drum of your laugh; The tinkle of her sigh; A Caress from you instills in her Flight.
Though you see, To find is another matter. Wanting hearts not filled overnight. The journey continues, Hope still abounds in us. A search has demanded answers, They will be owned, Oh Perseverer.
You don't know what to do But that's okay because nobody knows Just let the sun shine on your skin And let the clouds carry you there Let it all in And don't block anything out
When I was young, I saw the world Through glasses lined with sparkling pearls. Shaded blush and tinted rose, Where everything was good as gold. But later when it faded light,
At the corner it stands. Resolute. An unmoving, unfailing symbol of strength. It's seen much. It has seen a lost child wandering, the shadows of dangerous men, the rush of runaway lovers.
I gleam with a yellow satisfaction, The night couldn't be more clear. My thunderous telescope absorbs fiery light, And brings the booming images near.
Loveless light of the moon Rises only at night Hiding Partially or Fully Stays up for only the nocturnal Full moon Completely exposed Not doing so often Goes back to a comfortable shield
I'll call you in the morning, so you know that I'm alive. For I might die while I'm asleep, when darkness covers my eyes. For when you are not with me, I'm drowning in the sea.
I search endlessly into the dark abyss that is my heart. Yearning for that one light, but as I run, grasping for it, the light begins to fade. As I scream, crying out for it to stay... It vanishes. All I see is blackness.
You can live many years on this earth so divine, And not know the wonders that He can provide. But then something changes, Call it fate, if you will. You’re lost in the cold, The dark will not cease.
My feelings still strong, but another's long gone. Forget I must of a time once known, happy I was, but I must move on. On a road of pain and remorse I go, paths unclear but I still move on.
My love, she looks so marvelous In the light of this gentle candle The flames, they dance across her cheeks And along the lips of my dearest angel. Her delicate hands lie softly And glow in the flickering flame
It hurts, every whisper Each wayward glance, so close Every moment heard and felt Twisting the shard with each tremor, vibration Icy crystalline glass wedged to deep to pull Oh beating drum in my body and ears
Distant and forgotten, hiding in the open air, Present everywhere. Revealed only for a moment, like dust caught in a stream of sunlight.
Pain The powerful heat is overwhelming. Painful Even the smallest spark of light Can quickly become a danger
I’m in the dark Loneliness trickling over me like dripping pipes Hope has ran away So far away that I cannot breath When I reach out I expect to find nothing but the damp air But instead I feel a hand
We're so tired of this world and all its' evil, Tired of the horrible and fake people Tired of the murder, the lies, and all the pain, Tired of the bullying, the cheating, the earthly ways
(poems go here) This World... This place is so cold and hard It feels like there are boulders on my chest They crush my body
My feelings fall beneath the clouds, I see the sun shining through. I pray I see the light come anew. I whisper softly to the wind, help be feel whole again, this sickness came too fast
It starts in a house that's been hallowed alone The tension remains but the spirits forlorn. It seems empty enough but just step inside there's somebody, something that continues to hide.
Not liking the first I start a new page Realizing that life only sucks when You are no longer playing center stage I think maybe we should try this again
Awake, alive, running to have a chase; Dim forest peels back branches binding light Allowing shadows lurch across my face As the feet reach to more ground for my flight
Children raised to rape and plunder Fallen from grace, and it's no wonder We've brought about a mighty thunder Created a beast to take us under
This wood covers me with deceiving mist, "Clarity", it yells, "Can not possibly exist!" Struggling, I wander, search, and fight Desperately looking for a ray of Light. Dark and suffocating, this wood surrounds me
Last year I drowned in the sea of darkness and lament So many mistakes I made that weren’t my intent The time I spent on that path made me blind To my friends and family that I left behind
It starts off slow, a tugging at the heart. A sort of deep ache welling up within the subconscious Something that cannot be expressed in words You see them talking, laughing, but not like they care if you see
The world is full of lies, greed, & lust; The simplest definition of the most of us, as compilation; We, not understanding how to be united as a people, have adopted racism;
The full moon, the dark sky. It never leaves my mind. It guides me all the way, through the twists and turns. You burn a mild orange now and again like that of the autumn color leaves.
They say we have the right to be civil The right to be right But not the right to be white The right to be different The right to be cool But not the right to rule My God is white and so is my soul
Are you high? Don't lie. No use. Misuse? Misunderstood. Miss Independent Thought she could. All Alone Hold the phone.
Inspire me beloved poetry, surrounded in nothingness, alone and lonely, no place to call home but hell, but if hell is my realm then what next may come, asked I the suicidal bastard son,
Shattered. Shattered like the chandelier Now crumbled on our floor. What once lit our worlds Now disintegrates into the dust of time.
Shattered. Shattered like the chandelier Now crumbled on our floor. What once lit our worlds Now disintegrates into the dust of time.
Laugher, Delight, Pain, Fright, One is Light, The other is Night.
You thought you could escape. You will suffer as I have suffered. I am not what I was, I am what I will be. You will never respond.
Shapes and shadows in the night, When the darkness is chased away by light. A silhouette of two lovers walking down the street. Lit by the guiding lamps, that illuminate there way.
Can you bring light to the dark? The darkness creeps in holding fear and regret, Fear can grab you and take you away from you natural life. Regret will make you seem as if you’re worthless and have no meaning.
My heart shattered into a million pieces and the wind blew the remnants across the sky, So that they may shine like bright stars among the Heavens at night,
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