I have ben in the slums of life,

up to my knees in the murkey waters of rejection

I have been knocked down, forced onto m knees by life

and yet, I still rise


I do not rise for the glorifiction of myself

but for the purification of others

For it is not by our own might that we rise

but when others come along side us and

help rasie us up out of this body of water where

in which shadows lurk


We, being afraid of this presence we cannot see

each long for a soul to come and erradicate this evil from us

We long for the day when someone will come along

and bring us a sword flight

that we too, may fight these demons in our mind


We fight these creatures of darkness constantly

forgetting that in the process,

we are slowly losing our souls

They seek to divinde us and slowly rid us of our humanity

they keep us seperated, each beliving they are alone


Not knowing that if they would just call out

into the darkness help would arrive

between the both of them, sisterand brother in Christ

the darkness would flee


For what demon in hell can surive in  God's presence

So my sisters and brothers, call out into the darkness

let your voie ring out

do not cower in fear

or allow your pride to overcome you


Seek God 

listen for his voice

join your sisters and brothers in the battle

of darkness versus light

allow yourselfto be filled with God's presence

and be ever mindful, 

you are not alone




This poem is about: 
Our world



Yes demons can't survive in God's presence' I like how u phrased that in this great motivational poem. U write super. Thumbs up.

I'm a new poet here but I've been writing for other sites for ages and they have enjoyed so I would like your thoughts on my latest poem too. 


Thank you very much. I am so happy that u enjoyed it. I will love to read it and give you any feedback I can! Be blessed.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Everyday is a spiritual warfare
It's important to always God's armor to protect against the oppression of hate
Well written poem
Come join my group MVP-most valuable poets


I will join thank you for the invite! Thank for the complmenat! be blessed

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Glad you joined my group
Promote your work on my group
Check out my poems


I will and i will definetly chek out your work

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