A midnight sky that dwells within is one without a moon or stars,

It knows no light.

So my dear don't dream of dark nights for it is only street lights that make the night more beautiful than daylight.

I once wished for a dark night with a dead moon,

Until I realised I couldn't afford to buy soul lights.

I was unexposed to myself, hidden under the cave of darkness,

I was lulled by howling wolves that cried for the moon.

My bones decayed as my soul sought the nonexistent light,

I thought this place was a shelter from the world but it was a shelter from myself.

The earth quaked beneath me and the stone before the cave was rolled away,

A tsunami of light gushed in. 

My eyes now open,

I see the sun rising upon my gloomy night.

The sun is risen,

The Son is risen

and I with Him.

With this glorious light, may I never crave darkness again.


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