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I sat in a dark cold room

Surrounded by my friends.

My feet shivered on the cold stone floor,

And fear filled the air.


I wanted to know why

I felt so alone,

But I couldn’t seem to find

The reason for it all.


I groped around in the darkness

And felt different things,

But I couldn’t make them out.

I just wanted to scream!


Despair filled my soul

As I crawled forward.

Suddenly, my friends cried out

To return to where they huddled.


They said that I was headed 

For a chasm without end,

But I was just too desperate

I needed to find rest.


I moved forward a little more.

There had to be a place

Where light shone brightly,

Where I could see my way.


I reached out my hand

To crawl one step further,

But suddenly, a door opened

Where I knew not one existed.


Light burst from the doorway

And shed upon my path.

My hand was reaching over

The vast chasm of death.


Someone stepped into the room

And grabbed my outstretched hand.

He pulled me to my feet, and I saw

The light radiated from Him.


Several of my friends jumped forth.

They grabbed and pulled at me.

They wanted me to stay with them

In this dark place for eternity.


I cried out in fear,

Terrified that their strong pulls

Would rip me from His grip

And the door would close for good,


But I heard His voice above theirs

It was powerful and kind.

He promised me He would not let go.

He would bring me into light,


And then, I looked down.

He still gripped me tightly,

And in that brief moment,

He pulled me into glory.


He shut the door to darkness.

He made a way before me.

He stripped away my chains,

And showed me His great glory!



Happy ending. At first it made me think of the tragedy at Astroworld, but then I understood the meaning. Good job. I write spiritual poetry as well. 

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