Darkness to Light

I haven't always been this way

I remember better days

Before the dark one came

And wrapped my soul in chains

Now I live among the dead

Fighting voices in my head

Being consumed by the one who stole my mind

Hoping someone hears me crying in the night

and carries me away

to a better day

finds me crying in the rain

Who is this man that comes my way?

The dark one shrieks and screams His name.

Is this the One they say will set the captives free?

Jesus, rescue me!

Set me free

of the chains holding me.

Set me free.

Is anybody out there hearing me?

As Jesus Christ comes to me,

the darkness ceases to be

in me.

I lift my chains; He holds the key.

All power on heaven and earth belongs to Thee.

He rescues me.

I am set free.

His child I will gladly be.

Thank you God for saving me.

Thank you for the offer of life

for breaking me free from all of my strife.

God knew me before I was born.

He's taken my yoke; my sins He bore

To adorn them on His cross

because He knew me and knew I was lost.

I'm intelligent but irrelevant without Him.

Without Him, my identity would be in sin.

A slate covered in shame

A vandalized masterpiece without a name

Now got Christ got Christ up in my system

So I live the great commission

He tells me I've gotta go

I've got a seed I need to sow

Pray for vegetation

Revive a holy nation

All for God's glory

Are our unique stories

Stories creating connections of worthless endeavors

All made into one common body by the loving Savior

He overcame the grave so we could be with Him forever

but one thing we must remember

that He did not make us better

He took what was expired

And made us new

Praise God for saving me and for saving you.



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