A Millennium of Starlight


Life is a day
Of a thousand hours
A million seconds
A millennia's worth
Of cool breezes and breaths
That escape past our lips
In smiles and sighs and laughs
Drawn unsuspecting from our souls
By moments
Ever many and few
That make the day everlasting
And hold the night at bay

Because life is not nocturnal
It is not darkness or shade
Or hidden truths and obfuscation
It does not lie
And it can never be anything but
What it is, and what we make it
For those are one and the same
And we make it eternal
A century of sunrises
Eons of starlit mornings and
Moonlit afternoons

A lifetime of memories
Not entrapped in shadow boxes
That fate hangs tauntingly
Far above our reach
But rather encased in some mosaic
Of shifting lines and colors
That cement our remembrances
Into the fabric of our souls
Where they cannot be torn from us
And they remain at pure and transparent
As the light of day


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