Perfecting the Writing of Love

Why is it we feel the need to write about love?

Myself especially.

Look around you at the world.

Look at the pain.

Look at the suffering.

Look in the places you never thought to look,

and I bet you'll find darkness.

I bet you'll feel lost.

I bet you'll feel scared.





Why do we feel the need to write about love?

Ponder a question such as this

and you may resemble a dog chasing its own tail.

You may end up digging an infinite hole.

You may end up down the creek without a paddle.


Why do we feel the need to write about love?

Because hate is easy. 

Easy to understand if you're lost in its darkness.

Easy to be found if that's what you're expecting to see.

So why not write about it instead?

Why not pour out more hate?

More violence.

More sadness.


Love is perfect.

You'll never understand something that in itself as a concept

is perfect.

You'll never grasp it or phrase it just right because it's perfect.

How good it feels when things are perfect.

We crave love so fervently if only to get a glimpse of its perfection.


So chase the perfect love and write its stories.

Tell the world of the sparkle in their eyes.

Write down the feeling of a beautiful embrace.

Sing of the friendship you'll never forget.

Tell its tales and cry its tears of joy.

Write all about love.

And please do not ever stop.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I never thought of love that way, it can't be explained because it's perfect.

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