Ever Torn


The Sky

Insisting to reflect what is inside of me

Darkened it's clouds to night

Pouring out my grief;

The trees bowed and trembled beneith it's power;

I turned my face up to accept it's companionship

Soaked with hatred and remorse;

My soft heart caved under the pressure of black clouds

I shattered

Fell to the ground

Succumming to the pounding of my own pain;

It was only then the sky relented

Releasing me of it's tears

Breaking it's spell

The clouds fell away

The sun created God's promise again;

The shards of my spirit sprang to life as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow;

Forever trapped am I by the mystery of my own soul

So close to the end

yet not allowed to go;

Until the end of time the sky will bring forth it's midnight clouds

to morn my ever torn and broken heart.


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