To really see

To him these are strange and darker times of anew,

akin to the rare viewpoints there can be found a few,

whom understand the complexities of humans and emotions,

but for some these are hard to handle, it’s a vast ocean,

of a new dimension where colors and sights have a new light,

where the strength is resounding and endless is the fight,

an awakening of sorts, a metamorphosis of the mind,

battle your will and the pinnacle of the win you find,

be careful as many do not desire this newfound universe,

sensitivities of the new shall to some be a new curse,

but if you are able to harness it and can fathom its power,

you will have sparked and ignited the everburning fire,

that gives you the ultimate achievement of finding  your being,

you can open your eyes, as you are one of the few seeing.


Derick Stinson




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