#To Be Heard




Why does this pressure just make me freeze.

Why do I constantky watch myself in the mirrior instead of stick my head out of it's cage.

All I want is to live my life outside these bars.

I can see it and it is freeing but I just can't commit.

I have all eyes on me and I freak.

I can''t handle the pressure.

I just want to crawl in a hole.

Judgements, suppositions.

Too much it makes me cringe.

But the truth is that is not me at all.

I have to get past that, jump forward.

Becasue the truth is I am not manifesting anything at all.

Except what I don't want.

Why do I not care that I look stupid. I don't mind to look stupid, instead I lack courage and would rather be stupid.

This makes no sense.

Where are the bars.

I can't see them becasue I have succumbed to fear.

I guess the note or the message would be to just jump.

And all the sensations I feel could just be the light hitting my face.

All the good things that I want.

There is no trampoline in the air to save me.

Maybe people can listen to all of the good ideas that I have and I can enjoy this love we call life.

Maybe for today I can just be,

with you,

In the space we breathe.

Which really isn't space at all.

Just a place to feel and be real.

Although it is nothing that I know and only what I feel.

But when I go to school and sit and listen, this is what I wish we were talking about.

But instead I find it in the school of everywhere else,

That thing called life.

What if it all could be beautiful.

Fear is my friend right?

What if I just.....#what???



To step in the area of fear, is to master myself and gain everything I am searching for which is just myself.


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