The Void


United States
29° 48' 40.9644" N, 90° 25' 52.9428" W

Everything is so screwed up...
but, my mind's made up.
You're not real.

I'm callin' demons a disease but I know one when I see one.
I had one. It filled me.
I possessed one. It killed me.

Lost. Insides filled with rage.
Drunken with lies of the age.
Robotic perfection.
You sell your soul offering sacrifices of death to appease the ones who know
your grave... you dig deeper, pleasurably
tellin' yourself, "I'll never measure up to be anything anyway.
This is how it was meant to be."

But, from the outside lookin' in, I can see.
For I was once on the inside.
A mind possessed with thoughts of suicide
disguised by so much darkness and mixed emotion
that I could not possibly know what I needed.
But they knew...
and they got sick, sadistic pleasure when I believed them,
when I believed sin,
every time I caved in,
deeper into darkness.

"Come with me" they said. "Who says I'm wrong?"
But you don't know they're wrong 'til you're too far gone
and you aren't you anymore.

The void.

It takes over mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.
It wants your hate. It wants your dark. It needs your death.
Until you decide there's no way out but death.
you open a door.

Jesus... I've been told you're the Way I'm lookin' for.
If that is true, I need you to take me because I just can't open the door.
I am too weak.
Crack open the door, shed some light, and give me a peek
that I may come to you in honesty, real belief.
A decision by Jessica and not by the disease.

And when I chose You...
You honored that
and took me as I am,
loved me as I am:

Darkness brought into light.
The shattered image of a girl with no more fight.
Love Himself now fighting for me to make it right.
How blessed I am to have stumbled upon salvation
in Jesus Christ.



Very good! I am glad that I could hear your story of Salvation!

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