Light to my Darkness

They say light and darkness clash

Obviously they haven’t met us before,

I do stupid stunts but I’ll never crash

With you around I’ll never hit the floor.


Apollo god of music, Hades god of death

The children of these two gods become friends,

I’ll fight with and for you till my last breath

I’ll follow you forever till the universe ends.


Our friendship is somewhat unique

I'll kick you, hit you, lick and bite you,

You'll just laugh and call me a weird geek

Which we both know that is absolutely true.


We're crazy demigods, half-human, half-god

Nicknames for each other to describe our traits,

Rae and Sunshine, Diamond and Shadow, how odd

Our lives destined to intertwine so say the three fates.


Kasi, child of Apollo, god of music and light

Yasmine, child of Hades, powerful god of death,

Best friends but of course, all friends still fight

We just stop fighting and take in a breath.


Sunshine, you are the light to cast my shadows

Diamond, I’m here to help you fight your weakness,

Shadow, here to deny the cons and show off the pros
Rae, just let everything go and show your uniqueness.

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