Power of Dark/Light



A time filled with darkness.

Darkness. Close your eyes

and you will know. But,

true darkness surrounds you,

you can feel its prescence,

it's mocking prescence whispering Nightmares into your subconcious

and warning you of monsters and demons ahead,

though paying no mind

when they ensnare your mind with overwhelming fear.

Darkness creeps into your lungs,

imprisoning them until you can no longer breathe.

You inhale it, so thick, into your throat

until you no longer are capable of creating sound.

It takes control of your tongue

setting free words, words unfamiliar, or those which were hidden deep within.

Words of pain, hate, lies, and fears.

And your ears are flooded with absolute silence,

which sounds like everything and nothing.

Ignorance impossible, hieghtened senses,

yet what is darkness? How does it exist?

Night, Darkness, and even evil

are merely the products of absence of light.


It has a power of it's own.

Untouchable but containable.

Everyday miracle, everyday warmth.

Every day bringing new opportunities,

new hope, new life.

Sustaining life.

All is right.


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