Staying True

I don't have a grand life

Every night isn't filled with parties and friends

Most days I enjoy my own company 

walking in nature

feeling the wind blow throw my hair and between my 


I connect to my soul

stronger than most can

My mind is heated every second

My brain is a crowded city 

buzzing with life and love

but darkness and despair


My loved ones are who matter to me

The rest of the world I push away

Choose to forget

I create my own happiness

out of the quiet times sitting on my porch swing

Soaking in the morning sun  

Feeling the beams fall on my face

letting the beauty radiate through me while

listening to the bird's sweet songs.


I find solace at my writing desk

Finding myself becoming lost in the twirls and swirls 

of human emotion

Part of myself wonders however

What life would be like in the lime-light

I wasn't made to be popular though

Built not I for the praises of man.

The living of humans is very fragile

Any moment we could be called upon by our Maker

Beconed back to the kingdom on high

The Master doesn't count rubies and gold as a means

of salvation.

It won't matter how many people loved you 

envied you for looks

At the end of the race

popularity won't help

It can trick your mind into thinking you're something great

Oh yes - it has powers that even the sturdiest of individuals can't completely shake 

from their desires

But we must know - surely we must know -

that is doesn't mean a thing.

We aren't racing against one another in life

Some don't realize that 

The strong ones - however - are the ones who have the strength to fight until the end

Staying true to what they know is right. 


I strive to stay true

To the beauty that is held within

Hopes and dreams of becoming something great

left in a heap of journal writings and burnt letters

I wonder where I will find such bliss

To commune my soul to that great abyss 

The strange unknown

the terrifying world 

To develop myself into society

but somehow staying far from it.

Mostly confused

Half enlightened

I trudge on through this life

With my chin high and arms open

Ready to fight whatever comes next.

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