Scared of Love

I was in love once,

And a painful ordeal it was.

I tried so hard to be the perfect one,

To be the one that she wanted.

I didn’t realize then,

That there was no way for her to love me.

She helped me with my pain,

Because she felt it too,

We were so alike,

The pain we felt was shared.

We helped each other stand,

When we were both too weak.

She took away the loneliness,

And darkness was our connector.

So I got attached.

Her life was so confusing,

And then she had to leave,

She told me she didn’t love me,

And my brain began to snap.

I thought my life was over,

The one I loved had gotten lost.

And after trying to fix both of us,

Now hatred lies between us.

I didn’t think that I could do it,

And I almost took my life,

But then I met another,

And this one was light.

She showed me who I was,

She fixed all of my pain.

I felt like I was loved,

Like my life might have some meaning,

I loved her more than anything,

She brought happiness to my life,

And I had everything I wanted.

But now,

She had to leave me too.

It hurts more than I can bear,

I want to see her again,

But I probably never will.

The first was dark,

Just like me.

I loved her,

Because misery loves company.

The second was light.

Saving me from myself,

I loved her,

Because she saved my life.

I loved them both,

But here I am,

All alone.

My love was not enough,

I was not enough,

This is why I’m scared of love.


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