My Little Broken Light

You hold an entire galaxy
Within your eyes.
Shooting stars becoming tears
That run down your face.


I wish to wipe away your sorrow
Replacing it with only happiness,
So that one day you will find
Everything you are looking for.
Even if I can't be there to see it with you.


That smile on your face
Means more to me
Then you will ever know.
Cherishing every moment
I hold each memory close to me.


From the moment we met
There was something about you
I just didn't know what yet,
But it was something I had to pursue.


So alike yet so different
I wanted to help in every way,
Yet when you're so broken
There isn't much you can do
Except feel helpless and wrong.


Doing what I could
Then stepping back
As to not be annoying,
Yet I wanted to keep talking to you
Even if I could never say why.


Wanting to tell all of my secrets
Knowing I couldn't, lest you run away,
So keeping my mouth closed
I smiled and listened to all of your problems


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