Dark and Light

I’ve been in love twice,

One was dark

The other light.

Both had their qualities,

I loved them for different reasons.

The dark one was like me,

Dangerous and hidden,

We understood each other,

And our pain was the same.

I fell in love slowly,

Not realizing what had happened.

I loved her so deeply,

And our lives seemed intertwined.

She left when I told her

That I loved her so,

And I fell back into the pit

Of misery and pain.

I loved her so deeply,

And now she hates me.

I was lost in my own darkness,

I didn’t want to live anymore,

I almost left this Earth,

But then a light reached me.

She penetrated the darkness,

And truly saved my life.

I fell in love again,

But this time she loved back,

She took away the pain,

And the darkness began to fade.

Just when I thought,

That it couldn’t get better,

She had to leave,

And she left me here.

At first I thought,

That we could still be together,

But then she found another guy,

And now she loves him.

The first was dark,

The other light,

I loved them both,

But I didn’t deserve them,

I’m not enough for them,

My life is constant darkness,

But now it’s loneliness too.


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im actutally inlove with these words. it tells a beautifully tragic and pure story. im so sorry you had to go through what you did but thank you for sharing it into words. 


Thank you. I always like to hear when someone enjoys what I've written.

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