The Life of a Seed

A gust of wind.

I am dislodged from my cradle.

My blanket is ripped away.

My family shrinks in the distance.

I crash to the ground.

The light blinks out as I am covered in a new blanket.

I am cold.

I am scared.

I am dying.

I am


My blanket is gone once again.

I am carried off on a stream,

Kidnapped by the rain,

Spirited away by a river.

I don't know if I will make it.

I am drowning in a storm of uncertainty.

I am so scared.

I bury myself in the cold ground.

Just make it all stop, please.

It doesn't stop,

But it does lighten.

The ground becomes a little less cold.

I push upwards.

The air is moist.

I push myself higher.

Higher and higher.

I spread out my arms and embrace the new day.


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