There Once Was A World

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 17:51 -- Okind23


There once was a world that was dark
But in one girl there was a small light.
This girl was able to leave a mark
By reaching out to others she shined so bright.
When things became tough
Many tried to extinguish her flame
But she never became rough
And kept her pure heart from blame.
She never gave in to the lies
She was told from the beginning until now
By showing others how high she flies.
She gave them a bow
And told them, "I follow my God
Through my heart soul and mind."
They looked at her odd
But then were no longer blind.
They wanted what she had.
She brought them to the Father
By leading them away from the bad.
There was no more sin to bother,
Their hearts were full of that small light
That caused the world to shine like the sun so blazing
All because of the light so bright
That the girl got from the Son who is truly amazing.


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