Hands, Mind, Power


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Men or Women

Have the power to kill.

Though we blame objects

Like guns, knifes, swords, etc.

Why are we blaming these objects

When we should be the one to blame

The people that hold the gun,

Or take that knife

To take another life.

Things like this should not happen.

But it's happens, and it very sad.

That this world with Men and Women,

Takes their hands, and say god choose

Me to kill,

My mind was not in the right place,

So it was my mind at fault for the killing.

In life, we as people have to find other

person to blame, though we don't think...

Hey, maybe I should take the blame for

Killing this old lady that I stab for no reason.

No! people want to blame someone else.

It was not fault, she the one being in the streets,

Maybe she should not have been wearing,

these clothing that made her look like a slut.

No! don't blame someone else, take that blame.

Own that blame...

Power, everyone wants power, but can we control it......

Absolute power, no matter who the person.

Is non-controllable, and everyday it always get out of hand.

Money is Power..

Gun is Power....


Am here to tell you no....

You, Yourself, I...

have power without those objects....

When someone makes you try this drug, pills,  or killing

You say no...

Will Not...


I have the power to say no...

me, Alone..

In time..

We realize, that hands create war, drugs, guns, knife,

And blame our minds of these deaths but can not even comprehend.

But we need to know that we have the power to say no...

Even when do it alone.

Just say no.

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