Gratitude to my Mother

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 22:11 -- earroyo


With grace and power she stands there

Light soothing hands with a maternal touch

Gentle eyes that cut through glass and fair hair that falls upon her shoulders

Dependable, she is everyone's crutch 


An example of greatness

Money is not a measure of this greatness

Petty things can not touch her, the will of her greatness is not penetrable

Not a child from high ranking legacy, but royalty all in her stance

She does not bask in pools of wealth, yet her words are filled with gold


Her traits I carry with honor and prestige 

Strength pumps through my veins because I am her offspring

Dignified, I carry her legacy


Knowing I will never find another

Lifelong debt to a woman named mother



I liked being able to acknowledge my feelings towards my mother in a positive way. I picked a topic that I had a lot to write about; the content of the poem was written in a way so that the flow of it  would please most readers. All in all it was a joy to write this poem; not only for this scholarship but as a way to show my appreciation for my mother. 

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